USPS Tools - The Future is NOW!


The PostalOne!® system offers a Web-based alternative to existing manual mailing processes with an electronic suite of services designed exclusively for business mailers. It features an automated, streamlined alternative to the existing hardcopy documentation used in the business mail acceptance process.

The system links a customer's mailing information electronically with Postal Service™ acceptance, verification and payment systems, eliminating most of the paperwork. It also provides a wealth of online information customers can use to manage their businesses more efficiently.

Visit the USPS website for complete participation details from the United States Postal Service.


The Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) system replaces the old USPS DSAS Drops Ship Appointment System used for making Bulk Mail Drop Ship appointments at BMCs, SCFs, and DDUs.  Use DAT-MAIL™ to manage your appointments - right from your 8125s!

Visit the USPS website or complete participation details from the United States Postal Service.

USPS Detached Mail Unit Verification

If mailings are verified and accepted at your mailing plant, you must provide the Postal Service with a detached mail unit (DMU). A DMU is an office or work area located in your plant where postal acceptance employees can efficiently perform postal verification and acceptance procedures. Utilize the power of DAT-MAIL™ to enhance and streamline DMU Verification.  In many cases, you can use this tool in cooperation with your local Post Office to dramatically reduce the amount of paper verification.