Informed Delivery:

What's In YOUR Mailbox?

Informed Delivery: What's In YOUR Mailbox?

The Informed Delivery® service is now being offered by the United States Postal Service® (USPS®).

Providing subscribers an advanced digital view of what will be delivered to their mailbox each day has some great benefits for participants in the program. However, the opportunity for mailers to supplement these notifications with additional digital images clickable links and content provides fascinating possibilities to further enhance the mailbox experience. Find out how to take advantage of this ability to add more value to your printed mailpieces.

In this informative, 9-page, Informed Delivery white paper you’ll discover…

  • What Informed Delivery is all about
  • How Informed Delivery works
  • How you can benefit from Informed Delivery (provide color images of your hard copy mailpieces and links to related digital content in the email notifications, additional touch points to reach multiple recipients in the household, allow immediate interaction before the mail is even delivered)
  • Challenges you may face while adopting Informed Delivery
  • How you can participate in Informed Delivery by using DAT-MAIL
  • How to get HELP (Informed Delivery on-boarding service and software solutions)
  • And much, much more...

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“A New Way to Add Value to Printed Mailpieces”