Postal Package Partner Maximizes USPS Production Shipper's Savings and Productivity

Whether you ship 50 or 15,000 parcels daily — domestic or international — Postal Package Partner (PPP) makes multi-class manifest shipping with the US Postal Service® as simple possible.

Postal Package Partner™ Shipping Software User

Shipping and Manifesting software that uses a Permit: print shipping labels, calculate postage and special services fees, create postal manifest, print postage statements, and management reports. Benefit from reliable Electronic Delivery and Signature Confirmation®, automated and highly customizable Email notification, and Postal Manifesting.

Benefit from great USPS rates by using PPP to ship:

  • Intelligent Mail® Package Barcodes (IMpb)
  • Priority Mail®
  • Priority Mail Express® (requires additional module)
  • First-Class Mail®
  • Bound Printed Matter
  • Library Mail®
  • Media Mail®
  • Priority Mail Express International® (requires additional module)
  • Priority Mail International® (requires additional module)

Easy to Use Shipping Software

PPP™ is loaded with dozens of helpful tools to make your life easier, with support for:

  • Intelligent Mail® Package Barcodes (IMpb)
  • Priority Mail® Open and Distribute (requires additional module)
  • Interfaces with the USPS Global Shipping Software (GSS) for International mailings
  • Performs transmission of Federally mandated electronic customs data
  • Lower Commercial Rates for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express
  • Real-time connections to your parcel database
  • Electronic Return Receipt Service
  • Private Parcel Insurance
  • Predetermined Package Weights
  • Package Data Import and Export
  • Return Merchandise Labels
  • Bound Printed Matter
  • Submit USPS Shipping Services File (SSF) electronic manifest files via PDX file transfer
  • Collect package tracking extract files, provide tracking reports and automatically send email notifications
  • Industry standard Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Produces IMpb labels on sheet-fed inkjet/laser printers or thermal label printers

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  • Save Money with Low USPS Rates

    and get Saturday delivery, delivery to P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO addresses & U.S. Territories at no extra cost
  • FREE Electronic Delivery Confirmation

    on Priority Mail® and Open & Distribute with Postal Package Partner
  • Discounted Electronic Delivery Confirmation

    and Signature Confirmation™ on: Priority Mail Express, First-Class Mail, Media Mail, Bound Printed Matter & Library Mail
  • Improve Customer Service and Save Money

    with ZIP+4 Address Checking, which ensures that your packages are delivered the first time
  • Increase Repeat Business

    using customized email notification and parcel tracking web pages drive customers back to your site
  • Avoid Manual Data Entry

    by importing parcel and addressee data from outside sources or getting real-time connectivity to your database
  • Saves you time

    by creating Postal Manifests and Postage Statements, processing Delivery Confirmation status updates, maintaining a Delivery Confirmation database and sending tracking emails
  • Reduces labor costs

    by producing labels and shipment paperwork more efficiently, and spending less time on customer service calls asking where your shipments are.

Why would a mailer choose Postal Package Partner over low volume shipping solutions such as USPS Click-and-Ship™ or PC Postage® solutions like or Endicia?

Reason #1 - Controlling Postal Expenses

In order to understand how postage costs can get out of control, it helps to understand how postage can be paid. The USPS® provides five postage payment options: stamp, prepaid (envelopes and postcards, etc), postage meter, PC Postage (Internet postage) and permit imprint.

Stamps, meter strips, and PC Postage are all 'live' postage payment methods that require prepayment. That is, you pay the postage for your shipment when you buy your stamps, 'fill' your meter machine, or print PC Postage.

Postage has already been paid when you use any of these 'live' postage payment methods to print postage on or affix postage to your package. As a result, mistakes in package preparation become more costly—when stamps are lost or stolen, changes need to be made to a shipment after meter strips have been applied, or a package with PC Postage must be held for shipment another day, you incur an expense that is hard to recoup.

Postal Package Partner helps you control postage expenses in part because no postage is paid until your mail is processed by the USPS. This allows mistakes in package preparation to be corrected without wasting postage or paying for postage a second time.

Reason #2 - Elimination of Manual Labor using Automation

Click-and-Ship is a USPS solution that provides a free, online shipping solution using Commercial Base rates. It's adequate when shipping 1 to 10 domestic or international packages per day. Likewise, Endicia and are well-designed products for businesses doing lower volume mailings, including mailings larger than Click-and-Ship can reasonably handle.

For businesses shipping 50 to 50,000 packages per day, the ability to scale up package processing through the automation of package shipment labor is critical - work that Postal Package Partner is specifically designed to perform. PC Postage solutions work great at low volumes, but they aren't designed to seamlessly integrate with your systems and take on the before-shipment and after-shipment automated processing many mailers require - things Postal Package Partner is designed for.

Reason #3 - Performance and Reliability of an On-Premise Solution

Although Postal Package Partner must have access to the Internet to send its SSF files to the USPS, the rest of the time no connectivity is needed (unless GSS International Manifesting is used). This product is self-contained and installed on your network for maximum performance and reliability whether you are shipping 50 packages per day or 5000!

Reason #4 - Optional eVS Support

Postal Package Partner can support the USPS’s electronic manifesting and acceptance program eVS. This program is the fastest and most efficient way to so do postage payment and package induction.

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