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1-PASS Prep™

As postage rates continue rising, it is critical for mailers to help their clients minimize postage. 1-PASS Prep (1PP) makes it easy to save money on commingling by taking advantage of the “one-pass” commingling” process offered by some comminglers. With one-pass commingling you must sort mail based on your commingler’s sort schemes. This allows them to bypass the “first pass” sort that divides a mailing into different processing schemes. This saves the commingler a lot of time and money which enables them to charge lower commingle fees.


  • Windows® 10 operating system (recommended) (Pro only) or Windows® Server 2012 R2 (or newer – 2016 is the recommended platform)
  • 64-bit system (1PP will not run on 32-bit systems)
  • Memory: 4-GB (8-GB preferred)
  • On the server or computer where 1PP is being installed, Microsoft® Visual C ++® 2015 through 2019 and these prerequisites will automatically be installed by the 1PP installer wizard automatically. 1_PASS_PrepW_InstallGuide.pdf
  • A registration file is required to be able to run 1PP once it is installed. The registration file is provided by Window Book
  • Creation/editing of XML files requires XML editing software. Any preferred XML editor will suffice
  • A basic knowledge of XML file creation is necessary

NOTE: For information on the general system requirements for Window Book products, refer to the WindowBook Product Requirements Guide.

Download Windows® 64-bit
Release Notes

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Important Messages:




Known Issues:







T20556:  In the job XML a new option has been added to send 5-digit trays to the commingler – there are now four options altogether:


For Commingle:

1-- All - all qualified 5-digit pieces are split off for normal Presort.

2-- Select - only trays in non-origin loads are split off for normal Presort.

3-- Commingle - all pieces are sent to the Commingler – 5-Digit and BIN Trays are created.  (Note: This is the new feature).

4-- None - all pieces are sent to the Commingler – only BIN Trays are created.

Note:  The difference between ‘None’ and the new ‘Commingle’ option is that ‘None’ will NOT make 5-digit trays.


Tag and placard format changes for 1PASS-Prep:


T19275, T20073: Added first piece ZIP and last piece ZIP on Tray tags and Pallets flags.

We made the Zone prominent on the pallet flag and Bin prominent on tray tags. This uses the Form report creation feature. On MIXED pallets – Bins included are indicated on Pallet range with values separated by 02,04 (not including 03) etc.….  


The Parent Container Content Line variable will have the pallet content for all pallet types.  If 5-digit trays are being made there will be a ‘5D’ placeholder. A list of bins will follow.  The addition of the 5D means this is displayed for all pallets, including direct bin pallets.


If there are five-digit trays on the pallet it will look like this:

5D, 10-12

with BIN 10-12 mail. 

Otherwise it will be the standard:

BIN 10-12


Since the actual tag form is now the same for both 1- and 2-up, it has been renamed “tray_tag.form”.

The tray tags are consolidated to a single form using this syntax:


T20555:  1PASS-Prep now makes pallets for groups of Bins, if desired.  The option is driven by having a file with Record_Type='EXT_Group' present in the scheme xml. The following element allows it to be named by the client/commingler:




(Note: The default label is ‘GRP’ if this element is omitted).

The actual grouping file should have a list of bins. Since Group and Bin pallets are mutually exclusive the pallet minimums will apply to either one as appropriate.


For example, this new file type allows a grouping level above bins for pallets:



A logical tray minimum can also be specified:



In the scheme XML, the commingler name can be specified directly, rather than relying on a file naming convention, buy using the following:  UPX
This will print on the Tags and Placards if desired.



Bug Fixes: