1-PASS Prep™

As postage rates continue rising, it is critical for mailers to help their clients minimize postage. 1-PASS Prep (1PP) makes it easy to save money on commingling by taking advantage of the “one-pass” commingling” process offered by some comminglers. With one-pass commingling you must sort mail based on your commingler’s sort schemes. This allows them to bypass the “first pass” sort that divides a mailing into different processing schemes. This saves the commingler a lot of time and money which enables them to charge lower commingle fees.


  • Windows® 10 operating system (recommended) (Pro only) or Windows® Server 2012 R2 (or newer – 2016 is the recommended platform)
  • 64-bit system (1PP will not run on 32-bit systems)
  • Memory: 4-GB (8-GB preferred)
  • On the server or computer where 1PP is being installed, Microsoft® Visual C ++® 2015 through 2019 and these prerequisites will automatically be installed by the 1PP installer wizard automatically. 1_PASS_PrepW_InstallGuide.pdf
  • A registration file is required to be able to run 1PP once it is installed. The registration file is provided by Window Book
  • Creation/editing of XML files requires XML editing software. Any preferred XML editor will suffice
  • A basic knowledge of XML file creation is necessary

NOTE: For information on the general system requirements for Window Book products, refer to the WindowBook Product Requirements Guide.

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