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1-PASS Prep™

As postage rates continue rising, it is critical for mailers to help their clients minimize postage. 1-PASS Prep (1PP) makes it easy to save money on commingling by taking advantage of the “one-pass” commingling” process offered by some comminglers. With one-pass commingling you must sort mail based on your commingler’s sort schemes. This allows them to bypass the “first pass” sort that divides a mailing into different processing schemes. This saves the commingler a lot of time and money which enables them to charge lower commingle fees.


  • Windows® 10 operating system (recommended) (Pro only) or Windows® Server 2012 R2 (or newer – 2016 is the recommended platform)
  • 64-bit system (1PP will not run on 32-bit systems)
  • Memory: 4-GB (8-GB preferred)
  • On the server or computer where 1PP is being installed, Microsoft® Visual C ++® 2015 through 2019 and these prerequisites will automatically be installed by the 1PP installer wizard automatically. 1_PASS_PrepW_InstallGuide.pdf
  • A registration file is required to be able to run 1PP once it is installed. The registration file is provided by Window Book
  • Creation/editing of XML files requires XML editing software. Any preferred XML editor will suffice
  • A basic knowledge of XML file creation is necessary

NOTE: For information on the general system requirements for Window Book products, refer to the WindowBook Product Requirements Guide.

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Known Issues:





T23204, T23239:  1PP loads the input file to memory for faster processing.  However very large files could exceed the memory capacity of the computer, which could result in slow processing or even (possibly) a system crash.  It is now possible to specify an upper limit to the memory used to prevent this from happening.


T21078, T23240:  When making 5-digit trays, overflow trays can be very small, even when the tray destination total is quite large.  Users requested an enhancement to prevent this, so a new optional parameter, ‘Overflow_Allowed_for_5_Digit’, has been added.  When set to “true”, any size overflow is allowed, which is the default.  If “false”, overflow trays must meet the ‘Container_Min_Pieces’ threshold in order to be produced. Any pieces from trays not meeting the threshold are included in the bin sort.  The logical tray minimum will always be 150 pieces to ensure USPS compliance.  The Container_Min_Pieces default value is 0, so it should be specified explicitly.  It applies to the first physical tray as well, which means small trays can be prevented, even if they meet the USPS minimum.  A value greater than the tray maximum will be treated as the maximum, so setting a large value is an easy way to only produce full trays.


T23205, T23241:  Sometimes output files should contain constant values.  This is allowed at the file level for delimited files, but fixed outputs require a separate field for mapping.  These constant values are now user-definable in the Job Xml.  An element (named “User_Variables”) has been added to the Job Xml file to allow the user to add constant values to an output file if necessary.



Bug Fixes:


B23194:   An issue was reported by a client: 1PP was creating Tray Tags with zips listed as High and Low that did not always match the output data. Sometimes High and the Low were listed as the same, and sometimes a Low was incorrect.  Now each logical container is sorted when it is made, which fixes this issue.    Ticket 103844


B23210:  During testing it was noticed that the font on the Tray Tag destination line was too large and the line could overflow the tag.  This has been corrected.


B23360:  An issue was reported by a client: they would run several 1PP jobs then suddenly a job would fail in the middle and no job would run again.  Fixing this required reinstalling the program.  This was investigated and diagnosed as a missing serials.dat file – An error message now appears if this file is found to be missing during processing.    Ticket 104841