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Software Prerequisites

DAT-MAIL requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 as a prerequisite.

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NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

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For more detailed information about the enhancements provided with this release (including screen shots and videos) check out What's New



Note: Automation Scheduler has been updated as of 1/22/2021 with updates/corrections to the 21-1 related Merger/Splitter plug-in issues (Scheduler version

International statements are no longer supported after 1/23/21. Existing International statements can still be accessed.

For existing AWAM users – Starting with version of DAT-MAIL, a one-time conversion of the AWAM profiles to a newer format is required.   The AWAM service will not run until this conversion is performed.  The conversion can be performed by starting up the AWAM Control Center and follow the prompts to allow the conversion to run.


Known Issues:




T19642, T19643, T19656, T19657, T19658, T19659, T19686, T19802, T19803, T19804, 19808, T19809, T19810, T19827, B19794, T19655, B19925, B19951, T19646, B19974, B20021, T20060, B20071, B20149:  Work done in support of the January 2021 Rate Case, including updates to the rates, statement printing procedures, DM Quick Statements and Rate calculator updates.

T19862, T19457, T19458, T19459,  T19460, T19462, T19463, T19464, T19465, T19469, T19473, T19639, T19948, B20006, B20037, T20055, T19463, T19464, B20088, B20108, B20170, B20178, T19688, T19691, T19693:  Changes were made to support the new Mail.dat 21-1 specification.

T19736:  A Job Summary section has been added to Undocumented Piece Audit Report which allows a quick review of any reported errors.

T19764:  Filter values are now displayed below the date range values on the ‘Postage Detail’ Report when a filter is in use.

T19765:  Date range fields have been added to the PMOD Postage Detail filter window.

T19859:  The Category Name has been added to the Undocumented Piece Audit Report’s Job summary.

T19738:  The ability to filter out incoming pieces from the ‘Undocumented Piece Audit Report by Invoice Period’ has been added.

T19828:  All DAT-MAIL Editor versions now have the ability to send Mail.dat files to Logistics Companies. An upgrade is required for access to other options.

T20009:  A CSV Export for Jobs Opened status by date has been added.

T19045:  A DAT-MAIL issue was reported by a client:  "Primary key error".  They received a "Primary key of the oci file cannot be updated" error when an imported file contained an OCI file in a non-copal job and  the 'Do Not Import OCI file' option was not selected.   This has been resolved by adding an option to disable the OCI file export to PostalOne! for non-copal submissions    Ticket 81534

T19737:  We have added the ability to remove “Deactivated” pieces from the Undocumented report.

T20090:  We changed the Undocumented Piece Audit Report to include non-spoiled pieces from any container marked ‘Deleted’ on Line 4, i.e. pieces that were in a container that was deleted due to shortage/spoilage processing but were mailed anyway. 



Bug Fixes:

B19713:  The ‘Container Gross Wgt’ field was empty when inserting a Mother Pallet record. This has been fixed. We also fixed an incorrect calculation of the Container Gross Weight value for logical pallets when Assigning/Unassigning pallet containers.

B19834:  We increased the size of the background panel in the ‘Browse Carrier file’ window to improve the look and the ‘Copy’ button is now disabled if the carrier list box is empty and enabled when it contains information.

B19892:  A client reported an issue - the mail.dat spec for WSR-1103, IDEAlliance added the description that this field "cannot be zero".  DAT-MAIL was not validating against this new rule.  The rule for WSR-1103 Walk Sequence Denominator (IDEAlliance level only) has been added to the validation process.    Ticket 91952

B19913:  In wbSCAN the pallet weight changed but the new information did not save for the ‘Update Pallet Weight’ scan operation, which was caused by interference between QA Scan, 'Update Pallet Weight and Remove Pallet from Manifest' scan log records. This has been fixed.

B18555:  We fixed an issue found when testing CoPal mail.dat files; the system now detects a CoPal set of files and processes the situation correctly – the process will not abort due to ‘missing’ files (which was an inaccurate message cause by a mail.dat integrity issue).

B20033:  An issue was reported by a client:  The PostalOne! Customer Data showed an incorrect Mail Owner name in the MPA section when they had the correct MID and CRID in the mail.dat.  The USPS Mailer ID Listing displayed two records with the same MID. The first record (which was incorrect) was greyed out and in italics, the second record was the correct one.  This was investigated and has been fixed.      Ticket 92035

B18665:  An issue was reported by a client: no warning was being issued before a PostalOne! upload when Scheduled Ship date and time was blank (which happened when the job had USPS Pick set to ‘Yes’ on Export), although a warning was issued on import.  Also, with validation on export to PostalOne! turned on, they did not get a warning. The job ultimately failed with the same warning that occurred on the original import.  A correction was made so that warnings occur as appropriate.   Ticket 84893






T19949, T20022:  Changes were made to support the new Mail.dat 21-1 specification.


Bug Fixes: