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Review the product Release Notes pertaining to installation PRIOR to downloading and running any updates.

Software Prerequisites

DAT-MAIL requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 as a prerequisite.

Please see the following prerequisite resources:


NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

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For more detailed information about the enhancements provided with this release check out What's New



NOTE: If for any reason the MSSQL INI feature added in the prior release ( was turned off by Support, it can be re-enabled but you must have Support prepare the related SQL tables so that the conversion process will be triggered again the next time DAT-MAIL starts.  Re-enabling without preparing these tables can result in loss of INI setup data.

-- With release, many program setup values are now stored in MSSQL rather than INI files.  The installer will make a backup of the INI files and a one-time, automatic conversion will occur the first time DAT-MAIL starts, in order to transfer the data to MSSQL tables.  While we do not anticipate any issues with the conversion process, it would be prudent for users to review their program setup values before processing mail.dat files.  In the unlikely event that an issue does arise, please contact Support to help resolve it.  

-- With release there have been several changes to our tag printing setup and options available at tag print time. These changes are designed to provide more flexibility in printer assignment and customization of label formats.  Immediately after the INI conversion (first time DAT-MAIL starts up), there will be a second one-time conversion to update the tag setup values.  Before printing any tags it is highly recommended that users review the changes that have been made (see our ‘What’s New’ guide for details) and print a test label to familiarize themselves with the new interface. 

-- International statements are no longer supported after 1/23/21. Existing International statements can still be accessed.


Known Issues:





T20117:  Record tagging has been added to PMOD shipments and multi-record processing has been enabled for the "Void label" and "Print label" functions.

T20315:  An enhancement has been added to the PMOD Shipments window to add the Tray IDs when creating a manual shipment or when importing a shipment.  This then allows the user to run the Open and Distribute Production report.   Ticket 86297

T21334:  The ability to use PDF File Name Template for Tag Printing report from Batch Reports has been added.

T21276:  A new option for PDF Settings for Batch Reports Printing has been added.


Bug Fixes:


B18128:  Mass delete of siblings was not decrementing the parent’s gross weight in the Container Summary View.  This has been corrected.

B20638:  When the Job Option of Last Imported was selected in ‘Program Settings’ => ‘Setup’ => ‘Start Up Options’, it did not show the last imported job first. Instead it was highlighting the one last viewed.  This has been fixed.

B20901:  We fixed an issue where the banner window wouldn’t close when more than one instance of DAT-MAIL was started simultaneously on the same Terminal Service machine.

B20924:  We made an improvement to the error processing and messaging when there are missing PDF folders for the printing of batch reports.

B20636:  We fixed the DAT-MAIL Diagnostics tool to correctly show both the wbDbCla and wbdb databases.

B20876:  wbSCAN was hanging while trying to print with the msg: “IM Barcodes could not be printed due to missing MID value found in the Program Setup” resulting in the wbSCAN service displaying a message that could not be seen by the user. This has been fixed.

B21011:  An issue was reported by a client:  Using wbSCAN Essentials, they could not adjust their print settings; the Browse Print Settings => ‘Tag Printer Profiles’ and ‘Tag Format Profiles’ options were greyed out.  Since printing tray tags is available for wbSCAN Essentials users, these options should be available.   This has been corrected.   Ticket 95007 

B21012, B21029:  We fixed some problems found with the tag printing setup on a clean installation where formats were being saved at the wrong level.

B21028:  An issue was reported by a client where AWAM processing slowed down significantly after a recent update, from the import taking 20-30 seconds to as long as 2-3 minutes. This was investigated and improvements have been made to help speed up the processing time.  Ticket 95310

B21175:  We changed the order of the import post-processing and now the function to build the Floating Batch Manifest is called before the PostalOne! original export, as per a client request.   Ticket 95333

B21050:  We fixed a small bug in the wbSCAN CSS style sheet which was causing an active control button to be shown on top of the main pull-down menu.

B21174:  A bug in the wbSCAN Dashboard which was preventing the display of more than 10 jobs has been fixed.    Ticket 95444

B21191:  A correction was made to the Freight plan indicator value in the “Open Mail.dat file” screen.

B21040:  The wbEiniSQL.Ini file has been moved to the program’s data directory to avoid possible conflicts if the file exists separately on the server and each workstation.

B21264:  A client reported an issue: The count total on pallet placards included sibling trays if they were present in the job. This was confirmed and has been fixed.  Ticket 95848

B21281:  An issue was reported by a client: their AWAM profile settings were being reset and, in some cases, AWAM pulled in files running the wrong profile.  This was investigated and corrected. Ticket 94330

B21259:  We resolved and issue having to do with case sensitivity for locations in wbSCAN, by making them non case sensitive.

B21286:  An issue was reported by a client:  They were receiving an “invalid parameter error” when importing a mail.dat file to be mailed on the same date as the import.  We were able to replicate this in testing and a fix has been made.    Ticket 95743

B21168:  In testing a mail.dat file was imported into DAT-MAIL which then showed a different pallet weight and gross weight. But when creating an original PostalOne! export with "Auto-calculate CSM gross weight" turned ‘on’ the weights were the same.  This was investigated and has been fixed.

B21279:  An issue was reported by a client:  They got a validation error when uploading a job to PostalOne! but there was no indication of the error on the original DAT-MAIL import. The file from presort was bad due to an internal referential integrity error.  A request was made to validate for this error which has been implemented – the total number of copies from all .csm child handling unit records now must equal the .csm parent record's number of copies, or an error will be reported by DAT-MAIL.  Ticket 95657

B21356:   An issue found with the HDR Sequence Number if ‘Delete Job Release’ is performed when the 'Validate On Export' option is turned off has been fixed.







Bug Fixes: