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DAT-MAIL requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 as a prerequisite.

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NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

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NOTE: This is a Mandatory Release for USPS competitive products.  It contains the new price changes including support for the seasonal surcharge going into effect October 2, 2022 through January 21, 2023.


The proposed 2022 Peak Season Surcharge applies to commercial and retail parcels. The surcharge only applies to domestic products and does not apply to international products. The following USPS competitive products are affected by the surcharge:

-- Priority Mail Express

-- Priority Mail

-- First-Class Package Service

o Retail

o Commercial

-- Parcel Select

o Ground

o Destination Entry

-- USPS Retail Ground


A reminder that PostalOne! does not allow a single mail.dat to have multiple partial RTP submissions that span both rate cases.  All partial RTP submissions within a mail.dat job must have ALL the CSM Postage Statement Dates either before or after the date of the price change. 

NOTE: The Marketing Mail flats Direct Container discounts available on the PS Form 3602-R/N in Part F apply to both containers and handling units. However, the USPS made a clarification for handling units that the discount is only available for handling units entered at a DDU.

The PostalOne! MDR Client will implement the client-side validation error: 5087 for this scenario.  This validation will begin on September 18th – files receiving these errors will need to be re-presorted or to have users manually modify the affected CQT Rate Category values to be in compliance.


Known Issues:

Changes relating to the new labeling list table L051 (Parcel Select and Parcel Select Lightweight DSCF entry) and the USPS Plus One program are not fully supported with this release.  Support will be added as more information from the USPS regarding details is finalized.




T23917, T23966, T23974, T23975, T23976, T23977 T23978, T23922, T23923, T23924, T23962, T23963, T23968, T23918, T24068, 24069:  Rate Case 2022-4: Changes made for the Peak Season Surcharge rates going into effect October 2, 2022.


T23448, T23449:  A new export of active jobs and AWAM profiles as an AWAM command file has been implemented. These exports are not accessible from the DAT-MAIL UI as they are intended to allow external programs request this information directly from AWAM. 

T23454:  Some mail.dat fields in ‘Mass Update’ can get their new value from existing mail.dat fields rather than a preset constant value. This was potentially confusing – the user would see "Constant" but with a value that specifies a mail.dat field, then they would see another row "Mail.dat" specifying the same field. To make this more explicit we changed the descriptions from "Constant" to "Constant/Internal" and from "Mail.dat" to "External Mail.dat".

T23456, T23575, T23985:  Mass Update – A new data source has been added to the Mass Update process allowing the user to update individual records within already imported mail.dat jobs with record specific data from non-mail.dat, fixed length text files.

T23755, T23756, T23847, T23848, T24008:  A new option has been added to the split function: “Split by MPU”.  This enables the user to split jobs by individual or groups of MPU’s (Segment ID & MPU ID) as opposed to the current option to split by containers.  This new option is intended for commingle operations where multiple customer jobs (each job represented by an individual MPU) may reside within a single container but there exists a requirement to separate out pieces relating to an individual customer job and export that job as a separate mail.dat file.  Note: This may result in having multiple individual exported files containing the same CSM records (but each with different CQT’s, PQT’s and PDR/PBC’s) and the same CSM IMTL/IMCL barcodes.  In this scenario these exported files should not be sent to PostalOne! or duplicate IMTL/IMCL barcode errors may occur.

An alternative scenario supported by the new ‘Split by MPU’ option is when the user wishes to remove a specific MPU from a mailing then send the remainder to PostalOne!Note:  In this scenario, the resulting file may break the presort of the original mail.dat file.  The user is responsible for any presort-related issues when using this new feature.  In either scenario, the split result is automatically saved as a new job in DAT-MAIL and can be exported to mail.dat.  The new ‘Split by MPU’ option can be performed in three different ways:  1) manually by the user from the user interface, 2) by the user submitting the split request to AWAM, or 3) programmatically by an external program that creates a request to AWAM by generating the appropriate command file.

T23392:  Some improvements were made to the Multi-Carrier Trailer Manifesting Pallet Browse, including a new option for tagging one record using the key and an option for using the key to tag several records at once.

T23714:  We modified the palletization process to work with CSA-based palletization of logical trays and siblings.    Ticket 106813

T23826:  DAT-MAIL has historically supported two versions of the Rate Summary report (Normal and Enhanced) for certain mail classes.  From now on if a mail class supports the Enhanced Rate Summary report, that will be the report format when the report is requested. If a mail class supports ONLY the non-enhanced report then that version of the report will be used (applies only to Periodicals).

T23958:   A client requested an enhancement – they asked for an option to ‘Open Job’ from the ‘Search for IM Barcodes’ screen in DAT-MAIL to avoid having to close out of that screen in order to locate and open the job from the active job screen. This helps by eliminating multiple clicks in the process.  The enhancement has been implemented.   Ticket 107584

T23559:  DAT-MAIL has historically supported two versions of statement forms: normal and enhanced.  From now on only the enhanced version of statement forms will be used.  The checkboxes for enhanced statement forms in the Statement Setup window have been removed.

T24033:  The September 2022 Zone Charts have been included.


Bug Fixes:


B23549:  Validation failed in the Mail.dat Conformance Testing when no RMS validation errors were captured, even with a mail.dat that was created to show these errors.  This has been corrected.

B23590PostalOne! validation 1151 on the CQT-1101 Zone field has been updated to allow for the First-Class Priority Mail Cubic pricing scenario.

B23607: An issue was reported by a client: trying to print large numbers of tray tags with default copies set  > 1 and label order set to North-South was causing a crash, although printing smaller numbers (10 or fewer) worked. Pallet placard printing was not affected – these could be generated and printed without an issue.  This was investigated and has been fixed.    Ticket 104624

B23612:  An issue was reported by a client - running the Planalyzer on a Periodicals Job resulted in validation errors for relational integrity issues when referencing PBC records. This was confirmed and has been corrected for Periodical jobs with PBC.   Ticket 106449

B23221:  SFR View – When Extra Service USPS Tracking Plus - Scan Scan & Signature Retention Service Type value ‘B3’ was selected, the values ‘A’ and ‘C’ needed to be hidden as they are not allowed for this Service Type value.  This has been corrected.

B23609:  In testing it was discovered that deleting some but not all tagged records in the ‘Special Fees File View’ only worked the first time. Nothing happened on a second attempt. Closing and reopening the Special Fees File View window allowed the user to tag and delete records, but again only on the first try.  This was investigated and has been corrected.

B23624: An issue was reported by a client – they had an issue viewing and printing the PS Form 3606 (only).   We were able to duplicate the issue in testing and it has been corrected.   Ticket 106597

B23628:  An issue was reported by a client where jobs imported in AWAM using their MLOCR profile were aborting during post-processing.  Other profiles worked without issues.  A further test resulted in a successful import when they opted not to import the PDR (instead of just parking it). Turning the ‘park’ option back on again caused the process to abort. This was investigated and has been fixed.    Ticket 106627

B23633:  A correction was made to the format in which the ‘Amount Due’ value is exported to the SFR file as per the most recent Mail.dat spec.

B23435:  Changes were made to greatly improve performance when deleting tagged records in the ‘Special Fees File View’ browse.

B23460:  For First-Class Priority Mail parcels, incorrect postage was being reported in the "Discounts and Promotions Applied" section of the Rate Summary Report.   This has been corrected and removed.  The display of an incorrect number of pieces in the main part of the report has also been fixed.

B23670:  We made a change to prevent the possibility of duplicate PMOD profile names. 

B20054:  Zip files were being rejected because AWAM couldn’t find the HDR file a hdr, but there was an unzipped version which allowed the AWAM job to complete. The issue was investigated and has been corrected.

B19885:  An issue was reported where a date field modified in the Multi-Carrier Trailer Manifest browse was not appearing correctly in the Advanced Navigator window.  This was investigated and has been fixed.    Ticket 86269

B22443, B23778:  We updated references to the ‘Unique Container ID’ field to ‘User Container ID’ as per the most recent Mail.dat specification. 

B23051:  Support has been added for the USPS Tracking Plus Extra Service for both postage statements and the Rate Summary report.

B23774:  An incorrect calculation total for Priority Mail found on the Rate Summary report has been fixed.

B23601:  Support has been added for First-Class Mail round-trip mailings reported on PS Form 3600-FCM Part D. Support has also been added for Permit Reply Mail on PS Form 3600-FCM.

B15899:  The Bill of Lading report was missing IM Container Barcodes when restoring a job from archive.  When archiving the file and printing the BOL, the line items remained but no IMCBs were available so the report was blank. This was investigated and has been fixed.

B23818:  Support has been added for First-Class Mail round-trip mailings reported on PS Form 3600-FCM Part D using ‘Release Only’ mode. The enhanced Rate Summary Report has also been  updated. Support for Permit Reply Mail on the PS Form 3600-FCM and the enhanced Rate Summary Report has also been added.

B21170:  Creating sibling records under the category ‘Physical Trays/Sacks Only’ was adding an incorrect record count to the parent Mother Pallet container count.  This has been corrected.

B23886:  An issue was reported by a client: although all the postmark dates within DAT-MAIL were correct, the International Bridge website showed a date for the mailing that was one day later, for instance if they created a mailing for 5/2, the date appeared as 5/3.  A mistake found in the request procedure has been fixed.   Ticket 104948

B23820:  When manually creating a 3606 Service Charge Receipt, the Permit Number selected would disappear from the Permit List. This was investigated and has been corrected.

B23897:  An issue was reported by a client: information regarding total postage, total pieces, total copies & total weight was missing from the XML reporting for a particular job. We duplicated the issue using the client’s mail.dat file for that job. This was investigated and has been corrected.   Ticket 106935

B23893:   A client had some issues with archiving after a server upgrade from Win Server 2012 to 2019.  An error occurred when trying to archive existing jobs and jobs that were already archived prior to the move and past solutions to this sort of problem were unsuccessful. This has been corrected.   Ticket 107155

B23902:  The description of the "I" element of  "Presentation Category" in the HDR Edit window’s drop-down list was inaccurate and has been corrected.

B23925:  A correction was made to the logic for creating Pallet placards for Standard Flats with CIN codes for ECRWSS, ECRWSH, or ECRLOT.  Previous logic identified these as automated when they should have been non-automated.

B23414:  An issue was found with the ‘sort by column option’ in the MCTM Pallet browse. If records in the sorted column had an empty value and the column was in a group, choosing a record with a value and trying to sort by this column was causing all records in the browse with an empty value to disappear (visually).   This was investigated and has been fixed.

B23935:   An issue was reported by a client - when importing a job with the import Daemon and setting the ship date to ‘0’, the import validation resulted in validation errors.  This has been fixed.  Ticket 107920

B23907:  An issue when trying to print 4x7 placards was brought up by a client. They could produce a PDF of the placard but it would not print correctly on their stock.  It would work, however, if the image were rotated.  We added a ‘landscape’ printing checkbox option for the configuration of 4x7 pallet placards.   Ticket 105654     

B23780:  From review of regression testing it became clear that the ‘Scan Value’ field was too small to show the entire barcode. This field has been widened and other scanning modes (such as ‘Search for Barcodes’) were checked to make sure that the field is wide enough to see the full barcode for all barcode types including piece, tray and pallet barcodes.

B23830:  In testing, a cutoff of the text of the Software Vendor value on the Mail.dat Conformance report was discovered. We fixed this report and checked all other DAT-MAIL reports for the same issue.

B23956:  Some updates and corrections were made to the Line descriptions related to NonStandard Fees and package tracking in the Enhanced Rate Summary report.

B23942:  An incorrect calculation of total postage for the existing Emerging and Advanced Technologies and Color Transpromo Promotion was found in the XML Postage export and has been fixed.

B23959:  The CSV export for Rate Summary report was showing incorrect report totals for extra services.  This was investigated and has been fixed. In addition a Discounts and promotions applied section has been added to the report.

B23987:  An issue was reported by a client: they had the program set up to export the postage statement to XML when it gets imported.  However, the XML file was not showing the correct postage - it was missing the Informed Delivery discount.  This was confirmed in testing and has been fixed.    Ticket 108364

B23903:  The Marketing Mail flats Direct Container discounts on PS Form 3602-R/N,  Part F apply to both containers and handling units. The USPS made a recent clarification that the discount is only available for handling units entered at a DDU and the program has been updated with that correction.

B23941:  In testing it was found that the XML Postage Export was not including correct postage for Simple Samples files. This has been fixed.







Bug Fixes:

B23491:   In statements for DAT-MAIL the Marketing Carrier Route flats with a weight over 4 oz., Pound rates for Saturation, High Density and High Density Plus categories were only being displayed for ‘Basic’; other categories were not displayed.  The statement postage was correct as were the rates for Automation and NonAutomation.  This has been fixed.

B22998:  An issue was reported by a client - The statement side status indicator was not always updating: the Job would show "PROD Postage Stmt Finalized" but the indicator did not update. This has been corrected.   Ticket 99764