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Software Prerequisites

DAT-MAIL requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 as a prerequisite.

Please see the following prerequisite resources:


NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

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This is a Mandatory Release for compliance with the Rate changes going into effect January 22,2023


Known Issues:

The Palletization module does not fully support the new USPS restrictions for Periodicals and Marketing mail flats prepared in sacks.


The Freight planning module does not fully support the new USPS restrictions for Periodicals and Marketing mail flats prepared in sacks or changes to flats prepared in flat trays.

Periodicals PS Form 3541 bundle charge calculations for flats prepared in flat trays are incorrect.


Statement Generation mode postage statements exclude CCR record defined Picture Permit Imprint and Certificate of Bulk Mailing Extra Services.  If needed, Release Only mode can be used as a temporary workaround. 


Changes relating to the new labeling list table L051 (Parcel Select and Parcel Select Lightweight DSCF entry) and the USPS Plus One program are not fully supported with this release.  Support will be added in a future release.



T24010, T24017, T24022, T24157, T24158, T24279, T24274, T24105, T24172, T24173, T24174, T24176, T24180, T24101, T24102, T24103, T24104, T24109, T24307, T24308, T24316, T24353, T24175, T24178, T24352, T24158, T24171, T24177, T24021, T24480, T24317, T24173, T24376, T24377, T24378, T24379, T24380, T24549, T24266, T24310, T24311, T24312, T24313, T24314, T24370, T24368, T24369, T24450, T24448: Added support for the 2023-1 Rate Case effective January 22, 2023, including new rates and updated postage statements.

T24579:  The AWAM Control Center window has been made resizeable.


T24091, T24092, T24116, T24117, T24119, T24148, T24149, T24193, T24226, T24133, T24240, T24241, T24243, T24244, T24245, T24246, T24247, T24248, T24249, T24250, T24445, T24451: Support has been added in DAT-MAIL for the Mail.dat version 23-1 specification. Existing Mail.dat jobs are converted to Mail.dat version 23-1 when they are opened. A warning message is displayed when Mail.dat version 23-1 is used for the export of a mailing with a mailing date prior to the 1/22/23 2023-1 Rate Case implementation date.

T24225 Changes were made to support the Mail.dat version 23-1 specification with respect to the HDR, MPU, CPT, CCR, CSM, CQT, PQT, SFR, RMR, RMS, and RMB field and value modifications.

T24023: Changes were made to the information shown in the AWAM trace logs for the new 'Split by MPU' option in DAT-MAIL to improve job identification in the logs.

T24027: Improvements were made to the processing of logical errors related to jobs in the AWAM daemon, which became more of a potential issue after adding an option for manual creation of command files, requiring more checking of the logical integrity of the manually prepared information.

T24162: An 'Origin' option has been added the MCTM filter window's filter list, with a help tip that it can only be used in 'Logistics Download' mode.

T24137: Display of field values not in the current Mail.dat specification in drop-down list boxes has been added so that the user can see the invalid values. The field value and the description ""Invalid value"" are included at the top of the list. Dropdown list boxes that are used to display Mail.dat field values have been updated throughout the program.

T24130: When implementing changes for 22-1 mail.dat specification an issue came up where dates needed to be validated but the user may have configured the dates to be changed AFTER the import's validation is complete. To address this an option called "Delay validation until end of import process" has been implemented for both the manual and AWAM import procedures.

T24390: DAT-MAIL's drop ship data now includes information from the Mail Direction Errata file.

T24359: An enhancement to apply filters when selecting jobs for Apply Mass Update processing has been added. Ticket 110299

T23455: A new external data source type, ""text_MU"", has been added to the Apply Mass Update feature. The Text_MU option is for mass record updates from non-mail.dat sources. Intended for automated systems that want to update lots of records with the same values but those values may change from one run to the next and need to be specified by an external control (not practical in an automated system to require manually editing the Mass Update profile's field values every time a change is needed). User would initially set up a profile with any individual fields that could possibly be updated by the automated system and set field controls so that updates occur only when the source field is populated (allowing for the automated system to specify in the text file which actual fields are to be updated and with what value). Filters/conditionals specified in the profile would be enforced. The text file provides the data, the profile defines the rules for updating. Note: Invalid data will be logged as an error and skipped during the update.

T23891: Per client request, Segment Description has been added to the select options when printing pallet flags. Ticket 107693

T24086: An error may occur in Apply Mass Update processing for some profiles with data source 'Test_IU' when the user chooses the INI file. They may receive an error indicating the referenced path is invalid or does not exist. This has been corrected.

T24161: A box has been added to the MCTM Pallet list filter browse window that shows all locations in the database and allows the user to select the right one.

T24163: The Historical JobID has been added to the list of information shown in the results of WbSCAN and in DAT-MAIL's 'Search for Barcode' function.

T24159: Options to filter by DAT-MAIL JobID and Historical JobID have been added to the MCTM pallet browse filter.

T24160: Origin ('O') has been added to the Facility Type drop-down list on the MCTM pallet browse's filter screen. Note that if "Hide Origin Pallets" and Origin is already selected here, a warning message is shown: "The selected Facility Type conflicts with the option to Hide Origin Pallets" and the selection is not allowed. If the Facility Type "Origin" is already selected and the user tries check the 'Hide Origin Pallets' option, the same message is shown and the option is again not allowed.

T23753: A 'USPS Zone tables' date has been added to the 'Database Version Information' window available through the Help=>About=>More About menu.

T23845: The FSS tab has been removed from the drop ship facilities browse window, since this designation has been retired by USPS.

T24205, T24206:  The seven 2023 USPS promotions are available as a characteristic when adding a postage statement using the DAT-MAIL Print Postage Statements functionality and also the DAT-MAIL Print Quick Postage Statements option. Promotions supported by DAT-MAIL include:

  1. 2022 Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Engagement Promotion
  2. 2022 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion
  3. 2022 Enhanced Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion
  4. 2022 Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion
  5. 2022 Personalized Color Transpromo with Reply Promotion
  6. 2022 Informed Delivery Promotion
  7. 2022 Retargeting Mail Promotion


T24589: The USPS 2023-1 Rate Case prices were implemented when adding a postage statement through the DAT-MAIL Print Postage Statements functionality for postage statement dates of January 22, 2023 and later.

T24603:  IMTL/IMCL barcodes have been added to the "Entry Point - Trays & Sacks by Segment ID CSV Export"  This information appears  as a new column at the end of each detail record.    

T24228:  Added values for Marketing Mail carrier route flats direct container pricing:

  • The Rate Category column on 'Container Quantity File View' dialog
  • The Qualification Report column headings have been updated.


Bug Fixes:

B14842: Fixed an issue so that records in the Carrier and Facility tables cannot be deleted if they are related to existing Pallets or Manifests.

B18127: The Auto-generate siblings process was not updating the parent's gross weight field. The Trailer Pallet record's gross weight for the parent was also not updated. This has been fixed; The gross weight on the mother pallet and the Trailer Pallet table are now both being updated when siblings are automatically generated.

B19712:  The batch process to recalculate CSM weights only updated the Total (net) Weight field but not the gross weight. This has been corrected.

B24203: Code has been added to prevent deletion of a carrier if it is used in program setup under the 'Logistics' tab or in wbSCAN settings.

B24305: An issue was reported by a client: They reported an error involving an incorrect value on Destination Line 1 which occurred during palletization. We were able to duplicate the error in testing; the cause was found and the issue has been corrected.

B24232: An issue with proper DDU entry point selection for 5-digit scheme has been corrected. Ticket 109695

B23856: When importing multiple revisions of a mail.dat job and then archiving and restoring the data the second revision's set of IMCB's were missing. This has been fixed.

B22037: Improved error logging has been added to the 'Split' process.

B23649: Improved error handling in MDSupportAssist including a new option to send email notifications when launched from Scheduler.

B24014: When splitting jobs, the resulting split file could, in some cases, incorrectly receive the Approved status of the original job. This has been corrected.

B23943: For Periodical Statements the XML Postage Export was missing some information   - this has been corrected.

B24030: Corrections were made to some line descriptions for Extra Services on the 3605-R postage statement.

B24152: An issue was reported by a client - the Scheduler data maintenance utility would not continue with purge functions in the profile if there were no archived jobs found to purge. This was investigated and has been fixed. Ticket 108763.

B24210: A client reported that postage was missing under Spoilage Detail at the end of the 3602 Statement. This was confirmed and has been corrected. Ticket 109690

B24085: The Register of PS Form 3605-RV was not correctly reporting the MPU piece weights and total weights of the MPU's in the Mail.dat job. This has been fixed.

B24106: Logic has been added to prevent deletion of a facility from the DC List if or when it is referenced by a Non-LSC manifest carrier.

B24108: A correction was made to prevent any changes during processing (after the 'Search for IM Barcodes' function is used) if the job belongs to a different site (available in Enterprise mode).

B24115: An empty file name was being displayed when there was an 'open data file error' in the 'Apply Mass Update' module ƒ?? this has been fixed.

B24139: The 2022 Mobile Shopping Promotion (which applies to Marketing Mail regular and Non-profit Letters and Flats) was not being calculated. This has now been implemented.

B24502: During testing an issue was found which caused a crash for certain mail.dat exports with CQT records containing more than 100,000 records. This has been corrected.

B24494:  An issue that resulted in two PS Form 8125 PDF files being generated rather than one when the form was requested has been fixed.

B24837:  An issue was reported by a client: They were able to create siblings for each individual tub, but when selecting multiple tubs and creating siblings en masse, the system would stop responding.  This was confirmed and has been fixed.   Ticket  112347








Bug Fixes: