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DAT-MAIL requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 as a prerequisite.

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NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

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For more detailed information about the enhancements provided with this release check out What's New



NOTE: This is a Mandatory Release which contains the new USPS Nonstandard Fees and Dimension Noncompliance Fee that go into effect April 3rd, 2022.

Please be aware PostalOne! Release 54 that was deployed for the January 9, 2022 Rate Case has been ignoring Nonstandard Fee Extra Services specified in the Mail.dat SFR record since the Nonstandard Fee implementation was delayed until April 3, 2022.

The PostalOne! Release 54.1 scheduled for March 20, 2022 may change this behavior and begin validating the SFR-1019 Service Type Nonstandard Fee values L1, L2, and L4 for jobs with mailing dates before April 3, 2022. These Nonstandard Fee values are not valid for mailings before April 3, 2022 and would have to be removed if PostalOne! implements the Nonstandard Fee validations.

The Nonstandard Fee SFR-1019 Service Type values L1, L2, and L4 are required for affected parcels in mailings with mailing dates on or after April 3, 2022.


Known Issues:

For USPS Tracking Plus - there may be issues in Extra Service Fee calculations when there are multiple MPU's and/or multiple USPS Tracking Plus options.  We are working on correcting this issue.

Changes relating to the new labeling list table L051 (Parcel Select and Parcel Select Lightweight DSCF entry) and the USPS Plus One program are not fully supported with this release.  Support will be added as more information from the USPS regarding details is finalized.



T21306:  As per a client request a new field "Licensed User Job Field" (HDR-1102) has been added to the Mass Update. The value in this field can be replaced with the value in the  "User Option Field" (HDR-1152) if the user so desires.   Ticket 95568


T22577:  Generation of the Rate Summary CSV export has been added to the Batch Reports engine.


T21450:  Generation of the Shipping Report is now an option in the AWAM Batch Reports engine.  Freight table selections for Std/Pkg and Periodicals classes can now be specified separately for some AWAM CSV exports; Shipping Report - Final Plan Plus, Freight Plan Pallet Detail and Freight Plan Pallet Detail with Address exports.


T22620:  Options were added to give the user more control when using the “Convert All (version 1) to (version 2) mail.dat” files function, including ways of limiting the range of jobs to be converted and allowing successful cancellation of the conversion at any point.


T22661:   We implemented the ability to use the Piece ID range selection in the ‘Special Fees’ view.


T22473:  A new column has been added to the top list box in the Transportation View that shows the locale code for each physical location.  A new column has also been added to the lower list box to show the CSM/MPR record's entry facility name (which can be different from the physical facility name shown in the top list box, particularly if there are multiple facilities being redirected to one physical zip).


T22524, T22849, T22524, T22557, T22509, T22556:  Pitney Bowes has been added to the list of supported providers for PMOD.


T22753, T22754, T22755, T22756, T22757:  All mail.dat fields from HDR, SEG, MPU, MPA, CPT, CCR, CSM, CQT, PQT, WSR, SNR, ICR, PDR, PBC, SFR, SFB, UPA, EPD, RMR, RMS and RMB  tables (with the exception of some key fields and other special fields) have been added to Mass Update profiles.


T22810:   New columns were added to the "Browse Pallet Database" view in MCTM to show when pallets are verified in manifests. Filtering for viewing just-verified pallets and a new column in the "Manage Manifests" view in MCTM were also added.   Ticket 99639


T22821:  A "Pounds" column has been added to the Rate Summary CSV export in Batch Reports and totals were adjusted to fit under their respective columns.


T22848:   Easy Post and Pitney Bowes account balances are now displayed in the ‘PMOD Shipment Estimates’ window.


T22853:  A request was made by a client: their carrier was requiring locale key information to be visible on the BOL and wanted it to be associated on the pallet destination level and be visible on the BOL forms.  This option has been implemented.  Ticket 102027


T22783:  The product link to DAT-MAIL documentation and videos has been updated.



Bug Fixes:


B20466:  Now the message "Registration will expire..." for AWAM no longer appears in silent mode.  A warning e-mail is also sent when the registration is about to expire, after which the program stops.


B22488: The display format for number amounts has been corrected and an "Amount Due" field added to the Special Fee browse on the ‘Tag by Range in Special Fees’ view.


B22594:  Incorrect drop-down field content when there was only a single record in the profile field list in the “Define Mass Update Profile” window has been fixed.


B22004: An issue reported by a client where the Import Daemon switched into a "Not Responding" state has been fixed.    Ticket 94736


B22589:  In testing it was noticed that there was a missing piece weight for the enhanced printed form of the 3602-N.  This has been corrected.


B22609:  Stopping the process of converting mail.dat files using the ‘convert all mail.dat files to 21-1’ utility to the 22-1 version by pressing the ‘Cancel’ button was failing when a very large number of files were being converted. This has been corrected.


B22528:  A correction was made to the displayed Dimensional Weight on the 'Dimensional Weight Calculator' dialog.


B22632, B22655, B22529:  Support has been added for the USPS Tracking Plus Extra Services for postage statements and the Rate Summary Report.


B22627:  The Release Only PS Form 3602-N Part J Lines J9 and J18 were being recorded on Part G Lines G9 and G18 in DMQP.  This has been fixed.


B22377:  During testing it was found that the Standard Irregular parcel file rates on the Rate Summary Report were incorrect – this has been fixed.


B22484:  An issue where the CSA Palletization Plan was hanging for a normal size job was investigated and has been fixed.


B22634:  A client reported an issue: a nonprofit Marketing Mail irregular parcel reported on the PS Form 3602-N in Part J showed an incorrect rate on the Rate Summary report when ‘enhanced reporting’ was turned off. With ‘enhanced reporting’ turned on the price was correct.  This was investigated and has been fixed.    Ticket 101624


B22487:  When choosing a range in the ‘Tag by Range in Special Fees’ file view for a file with many records it went into ‘Not Responding’ mode.  Selecting a few records (5) and clicking "Cancel" also went into ‘Not Responding’.  The cause of this was found and the behavior has been corrected.


B22752:  The title of the DAT-MAIL => File Menu => Printer Setup has been changed from “Select Default Tray Tag Printer” to “Select Default Printer for Reports” to more accurately describe its use.


B22679:  The nonbarcoded surcharge was not being assigned to unbarcoded parcels reported on the PS Form 3602-N Part I Lines I1, I2, and I4.  The issue was occurring in Release Only mode postage statements and the enhanced Rate Summary Report.  This has been corrected.


B22516:  For regular statement generation, the SFR Nonstandard Fee L4 was being calculated as L2.  This has been corrected.


B22861:  An issue with non-identical values printing on statement reports was found and has been fixed.


B22894:  In testing it was found that statements were not printing in AWAM postprocess when the ‘Print Statements Automatically’ option was turned OFF in DAT-MAIL setup. This was confirmed and has been fixed.


B22900:  We fixed a possible empty provider account when adding a PMOD shipment.


B22615:  A mail-piece may have a single Nonstandard Fee Service Type value or may require two Nonstandard Fee Service Type values: L1 and L4 or L2 and L4.  An issue found in testing the Nonstandard Fee implementation was that for DMQP, if several SFR Nonstandard Fees were present, only one was calculated.  This has been corrected.


B22896:  An issue that was occurring with the SFR View "Add to All" button has been fixed.


B22903:  A bug in wbSCAN that was causing a failure to select the Consolidation Facility for a non-LSC carrier when creating a new Manifest has been fixed.


B23026:  A bug where profile names were missing in the Database Maintenance utility has been fixed.


B22553:  Tray boxes without Sacks were giving an error when using PMOD with EasyPost as the carrier. This has been corrected.  Entry Facility from values including "DDU", "SCF", "ADC","NDC" or "ASF" are supported.   Ticket 102760








Bug Fixes: