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Review the product Release Notes pertaining to installation PRIOR to downloading and running any updates.

Software Prerequisites

DAT-MAIL requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 as a prerequisite.

Please see the following prerequisite resources:


NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

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For more detailed information about the enhancements provided with this release check out What's New


With this release (, many program setup values will now be stored in MSSQL rather than INI files.  The installer will make a backup of the INI files and an automatic conversion will occur the first time DAT-MAIL starts, in order to transfer the data to MSSQL tables.  While we do not anticipate any issues with the conversion process, it would be prudent for users to review their program setup values before processing mail.dat files.  In the unlikely event that an issue does arise, please contact Support to help resolve it.  

There have also been several changes to our tag printing setup and options available at tag print time in this release.   These changes are designed to provide more flexibility in printer assignment and customization of label formats.  Immediately after the INI conversion (first time DAT-MAIL starts up), there will be a second conversion to update the tag setup values.  Before printing any tags it is highly recommended that users review the changes that have been made (see our ‘What’s New’ guide for details) and print a test label to familiarize themselves with the new interface. 

International statements are no longer supported after 1/23/21. Existing International statements can still be accessed.


Known Issues:





T16999:  A user interface option has been added in wbSCAN settings which makes the Dashboard the default page when the user logs in.

T19578, T20615, T20510, T20647, T20508, T20620, B20653, B20678, T20509, T20725, T20670, T20841, T20843, B20785, B20792, T20875, B20874, B20880, T20511, T20752, T20810:  We created a system for converting and managing many of our ini settings/files in MS SQL.

T18381, T18495, B20589, T20729, T20656, T20629, T20829, T20836, T20855, B20622, B20642, B20644, B20667, B20692, B20719, B20784, T20754:  Major changes for were made in the way Tags and Pallets are printed in DAT-MAIL. Tag and placard formats are now in independent profiles with the information kept in SQL tables. Default settings for Tag and placard formats and printers can be defined at global, workstation and user levels. Users can override settings dynamically at runtime or in AWAM or Batch Reporting.  Batch report definitions can specify the tag profile, the placard profile, the printer for tags and the printer for placards.  A converter has been created for conversion of existing tag-printing profiles and will run automatically the first time DAT-MAIL is started up.

T20132:   A change was made to filter out pieces not counted by the USPS as undocumented when bringing data into the Undocumented Piece Audit Report.

T20156:  The Rate Summary Report for First Class Mail statement line S17 (Picture Permit imprint) was incorrect (only when ‘performance enhanced’ was set to “Off” otherwise the count was correct).  This has been fixed.

T20162:  A correction was made to the Periodicals statement Part D Outside Bundle County Prices, which were missing the D6 mail code. This issue was identified during testing and appeared on the Rate Summary Report and regular statement generation only (DMQP was correct).

T20165:  A correction was made to the piece count in statement generate and the Rate Summary report (only – DMQP had correct totals) for Periodicals statement Part D: Outside Bundle County prices.

T20166:  An issue was found while testing Periodicals Mail.dat files: Incorrect piece count on line D12. The issue was identified during testing and appeared on the Rate Summary Report and regular statement generation only (DMQP was correct).

T20064:  We added a display of the container information for the imported PMOD CSV file and totals for job-based PMOD shipments.

T20346:  Users who archive jobs in DAT-MAIL would sometimes experience issues when trying to run the ‘Undocumented Piece Audit Report’, including having to click “ok” many times when there were errors or files not found. This has been modified to give a warning message after the first error and allow options for exiting or running the report without having to click through a lot of error messages.

T20350:  We added support for ZIP files for the Undocumented Piece Audit Report.

T20437:  The link called by the ‘What's New’ button has been updated.

T20314:  The possibility of running an "Open and Distribute report" from the PMOD labels/shipments browse has been added.    Ticket 86297

T18523:  We added a check for duplication of the description field value in the category update form.

T20313:  Support was added for holding a shipment in the PMOD module.

T20724:  More information was added to the final dialog warning message when there is an SQL script error during the installation.

T20782:  A feature to save the HTTP request log to ‘Screen & Disk’ in wbSCAN has been updated so that it works correctly.

T20812:  In testing it was found that AWAM Batch Reporting could get stuck due to missing Printer assignments, without producing an error message.  This has been corrected.

T20316:  ‘Delete Tray’ and ‘Spoil Piece’ IM Scan Manager Functions have been added to wbSCAN.

T18387:  Added printers and tag format profiles support to wbSCAN as well as the ability to choose printing profiles in wbSCAN.


Bug Fixes:


B20213:  We added “(starts with)” to filter field prompts on the PMOD report filter window and modified the filter display string in the PMOD report for clarification.

B20214 :  A zero value validation error in the COPAL file has been fixed.

B20272:  We fixed an issue where AWAM service processing required a service restart when the option ‘Look for Mail.dat files in Subfolders of Import Path’ was turned on.

B20091:  A minor memory leak in the mail.dat job PostalOne! export was found and has been fixed.

B20116:  Going from the RMS View to insert the RMS record then choosing “Related” from that window's menu to see and insert RMR records did not display the RMS ID. This has been fixed.

B19750:  An issue was found during testing - a Job became inactive after incorrect manipulation with the Historical Job ID in ‘Assign Reference Info’ in Logistics.  This was investigated and has been fixed.

B19813:  We corrected an issue found with the printed ‘Address 2’ information on pallet tags from ‘Search for Barcodes’ and Batch Report modes, when the ‘Add Label data to IM database’ option is turned off in DAT-MAIL Setup options.  

B19886: An issue was reported by a client: their customer exported a file to the customer’s logistics company, using DAT-MAIL's multi-carrier trailer manifesting ‘Send Mail.dat files to Logistics Company’ option. The logistics company then had issues importing the file into their post presort software, because it indicated that the CSM count did not match the HDR (HDR-1120) count for the CSM records. This was investigated and has been fixed.   Ticket 91950

B20440:  The footer of the printed 3602-R form has been updated with the January 2021 date.

B19770:   A client reported an issue: on jobs submitted with partial mailings, where spoilage was applied, the Statement Status field in the Job Browse window was remaining "Open" even though the individual releases had been finalized. This was investigated and has been fixed.   Ticket 91338

B20531:  During testing we created reports and exported them to CSV in Multi-carrier trailer manifest mode in DAT-MAIL and found some issues.  The values of the Job ID and List ID fields in the report and the exported CSV did not match what was showing in the browser. This has been corrected.

B20576:    In PMOD we fixed an incorrect value which could appear in the "O&D Production Report" job number field.  Ticket 91984

B20563:  An issue was reported by a client which occurred when manually creating a 3602-N statement.  They present a paper statement to the postal clerk when they mail the job. The calculation accounts for the nonbarcoded surcharge, however this was missing when the statement was printed.  This was confirmed and has been fixed.    Ticket 93564

B20582:   An issue was reported by a client: when copying a statement on the statement side of DAT-MAIL the Entry Point was not copied from the original statement.  This was investigated and has been fixed.  Ticket 93294

B19279:  A correction was made to the Postage Affixed rate for First Class Mail on the XML report (only – statements were accurate).    Ticket 85435

B20594:  We added the internal Job ID to the error message for the ‘find barcode’ procedure (used in wbSCAN) to more easily identify the job when there is an error.

B20526:  An issue was reported by a client. When statements were generated, no statements could be printed. The statement populated on both the Advanced Navigator and the Statement side but with zero pieces and no postage. When trying to preview/print the statement, DAT-MAIL processed the request, but nothing printed. The release file uploaded to PostalOne! successfully and the data populated correctly on the dashboard.  This was investigated and has been corrected.  Ticket 93367

B20180:  We added default filters for hidden records (with field Hidden = 1) and for other user’s records to Scan Log.

B20235:  During testing we got an exception error under certain conditions when printing an International statement.  The issue was investigated and has been fixed.

B20351:  An issue was reported by a client – the consolidated statements window would expand, but the information itself did not change in size. This was confirmed and has been fixed.     Ticket 93022

B20473:  'Entry Facility' was made a required field, and also 'Carrier' to prevent the possibility of creating empty records in the Direct Trailer Manifest.

B20735:  An issue was reported by a client:  Pallet Dates Import from the Browse Pallet database was not updating related trays on the pallets with new dates. This was confirmed and has been fixed.   Ticket 94164

B20002:  We fixed a missing Submitter Tracking ID in the "All Requiring Appointments Query" mode for FAST.

B20697:  During testing some issues were discovered with the manifest creation and error messaging.  These have been fixed: error messages are now parsed correctly and show the standard error message.

B20830:  An error message regarding held shipments coming from the PMOD Module that contained multiple file listings has been simplified to show only the relevant .xml file.

B20819:  We fixed a script error that prevented the ‘Location Report’ from running properly.







Bug Fixes: