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Software Prerequisites

DAT-MAIL requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 as a prerequisite.

Please see the following prerequisite resources:


NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

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For more detailed information about the enhancements provided with this release (including screen shots and videos) check out What's New



For existing AWAM users – Starting with version of DAT-MAIL, a one-time conversion of the AWAM profiles to a newer format is required.   The AWAM service will not run until this conversion is performed.  The conversion can be performed by starting up the AWAM Control Center and follow the prompts to allow the conversion to run.


Known Issues:




T18096: We modified the ‘Mail Schedule’ view to allow specific fields to be updated with other tagged records.

T18413: We have added a new CSV export based on the existing “Freight Plan Pallet Detail” export. The new export will have the same fields as in the original export but includes an additional column for address information.  The name of the new export is “Freight Plan Pallet Detail with Address”.  Also, 'Destination City' and 'Destination State' fields for certain DDU facilities are now correctly populated in the ‘Freight Plan Pallet Detail’ report.  Ticket 81173 

T18648:  We streamlined the PMOD Production report by changing the "Open and Distribute Production" report to condense the column header information and to move it to a page header level rather than repeating headers for each entry point.

T18651: We made improvements to the Open and Distribute Postage Detail Report including adding  a Job Number column to the "Postage detail report" and implementing filters by ‘Job Number’ and ‘Job Name’.

T19679: We added a ‘Copy’ button to the Carrier browse which (when pressed) opens the carrier dialog with all information copied except the carrier code and description. The user can enter a new unique code and description and make whatever changes they want to the other parameters, including the upload folder.


Bug Fixes:


B18376:  A problem found in testing, where the pallet ID was changing for siblings after the merge process, has been fixed.

B18416:  A problem with Statements crashing when -P was pressed more than once on the ‘Update Statement’ window was discovered during regression testing.  This has been fixed.

B18548:  When trying to assign a Content Title ID to a job with a Historical Job ID that did not use the required format, a screen showing the job and a giving a warning displayed, which contained an ‘OK’ and a ‘Cancel’ button. Clicking ‘OK’ had no effect and clicking ‘Cancel’ closed the screen. We made a change by removing the ‘Cancel’ button and changing the ‘OK’ button to close the screen.

B18666:  We disabled access to the ‘Runtime settings’ menu item in wbSCAN.

B18706: We made a change so that only installer scripts will create tables in WBI SQL databases, to avoid possible table format issues.

B19187:  We fixed an issue with a possible mismatch between the entered postmark date and postmark date on the purchased PMOD labels that could potentially happen.

B19339: In testing automated TMS processes it was found that when the merge process encountered an error the merge process would abort and leave jobs locked.  This has been fixed.

B18366:  A problem with deleting empty categories was discovered during internal testing.  No job appeared in the Tuesday/TEM Category but trying to delete the category failed with an error.  This has been fixed.  Ticket 85153

B18941:  We made a correction to a problem with a configuration template, which was preventing a data export related to labelling list validation.

B19210:  It was determined that the additional HDR record added during a non-PostalOne! export in certain circumstances would cause a PWC pre-staging error.  This could occur when the non-PostalOne! export occurred in between a PostalOne! planned and ready-to-pay submission.  Non-PostalOne! exports will no longer generate a new HDR record.

B19524:  A correction was made so that now, for siblings, the Unique Container ID field populates only for pallets and only when the DAT-MAIL setup option 'Generate Unique ID's for Pallets' is turned on.

B19577:  A client reported an issue an issue where strings longer than 30 chars on destination labels on placards were being cut off.  This was confirmed and has been fixed.   

B17478:  We fixed an issue in getting PostalOne! Release Statuses when the program was set switched to use ‘Export Historical JobID’ after an export had already been submitted with this setting turned off.

B19621:  A client reported an error that was occurring in Part I and Part J on form 3602 when trying to generate Quick Statements. This was investigated and has been fixed.   Ticket 84949

B19522:  An issue was reported by a client: when doing Priority Mail with a non-compliance fee in the statement the IMPB Non-Compliance Fee was duplicated. This has been corrected.  Ticket  90399

B19638:  We fixed an issue where the ‘Restore selected file' button was enabled even though the ‘Restore Imported Mail.Dat file’ list was empty.

B19158: We corrected the description of the STD CQT Rate Category in ‘Mass Update’.

B19677: We fixed an issue with non-qualified pieces that happened when printing the Multi-Job progress report.

B19678: We found and fixed a problem with incorrect mail.dat file names initialization for the export process when the ‘Fast Network’ option is turned on.

B19671: A correction was made to the algorithm for calculating gross weight for logical pallets when performing palletization.

B18125: DAT-MAIL export now includes sibling tare weight in the gross weight re-calculation when the "Auto-calculate CSM gross weight" option in DAT-MAIL Setup is turned on.

B19218:  When there are different settings for the ‘Export Hist JobID’ option in DAT-MAIL setup vs. the AWAM setup, certain exports and statement reports included the wrong JobID value.  This has been corrected.

B19635We modified the ALG logistics export to use existing setup options for exporting historical job id values rather than be hardcoded for non-historical JobID.   We also suppressed the export of PDR/PBC files for ALG logistics exports. 

B19591:  A client reported an issue where a central logging error was occurring due to an SQL localization setting.  This was investigated and has been fixed.  Ticket 87168








Bug Fixes: