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Review the product Release Notes pertaining to installation PRIOR to downloading and running any updates.

Software Prerequisites

DAT-MAIL requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 as a prerequisite.

Please see the following prerequisite resources:


NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

All Release Notes

    Important Messages:


    NOTE: Updates have been made to the DAT-MAIL installer to ensure that the correct Labeling List and Dropship Data is being used by the program.  Scheduler version or higher is required for Automatic Postal Updates.


    Tip: If you experience facility, entry, or destination identification issues after updating
    DAT-MAIL, ensure that you have Version 3 selected for the DropShip data version in the Automatic Postal Updates plug-in for Scheduler.



    Known Issues:


    The Palletization module does not fully support the new USPS restrictions for Periodicals and Marketing mail flats prepared in sacks.


    The Freight planning module does not fully support the new USPS restrictions for Periodicals and Marketing mail flats prepared in sacks or changes to flats prepared in flat trays.

    Periodicals PS Form 3541 bundle charge calculations for flats prepared in flat trays are incorrect.





    T22685, T22686

    Added partial support for Labeling List L051 for Package Services parcels for SCF identification.



    Updates to the DAT-MAIL installer to ensure that the correct labeling list and Dropship Data is being used.  Requires Scheduler version for Automatic Postal Updates.



    Updated Batch Reporting Printing options to allow printing to PDF and printer.



    Added an option to include the Piece ID Range on pallet placards for regular pallets.



    Updated the Mass Update Utility to allow field values to be modified based on the evaluation of an expression. An expression editor also was added to aid with the development of the expressions.



    Bug Fixes:



    Updated the Container Summary Report in Batch Reports to add an Order By allowing the report to be generated in either Entry Point or Delivery ZIP order.



    Fixed an issue with the count of Logical Sibling Pallets marked for eInduction being zero in Split jobs.



    Corrected an issue when a Microsoft SQL 2021 warning was displaying when it was not warranted.



    Corrected an issue where in Statement Generation mode the incorrect total piece count reported on the PS Form 3602-R/N when the mailing was eligible for the SCF Pallet Discount or Delivery Sort Container Discount.



    Corrected an issue when the AWAM LogisticsDownload profile was not processing downloaded data properly.



    Removed non-informative entries in the Debug Log related to calls of DSI functions.



    Corrected an issue where the CSV Exported Mailing Report formats did not include counts for Flat Trays.



    Corrected an issue with a missing header for Package Services Parcel Select Irregular Parcels on the Calculations page for manual postage statement entry.



    Fixed an issue for multi-job First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail postage statements where the incorrect total postage was displayed on the Postage Statements Calculations tab when the Personalized Color Transpromo with Reply Promotion or Retargeting Mail Promotion were claimed. This issue also was present when the SCF Pallet discount or Delivery Sort Container discount were claimed. In addition, Postage Reports such as the Mailing Analysis and Client/Permit Activity reports were affected.



    Fixed an issue with the following lines on the Postage Statement 3541 not populating correctly:

    • Part A Line A17 and A21
    • Part B Line 16,
    • Part C Lines C32 and C34



    Fixed an issue with incorrect Sack Charge line descriptions in the Periodicals Outside County page.



    Corrected an issue where the PS Form 3541 Outside County Non-advertising Pound Prices displayed on lines B13 through B16 were incorrect.


    B25041, B25029

    Corrected an issue with the PS Form 3541 XML Postage Statement where Part E Line E55 was missing and Line E88 had the incorrect postage, as well as correcting other incorrect line numbers in the statement output.



    Corrected an issue in the Special Fees File View when using Tag by Range using Piece IDs. When Piece IDs were entered without leading zeros, the dialog did not detect the Ending Value being less than the Beginning Value and no warning was given.



    Corrected an issue where an incorrect validation error was generated Package Services Parcel Select Ground parcels using the CQT-1008 Rate Category value ‘Z’.