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Postal Package Partner Software Update

This page contains the link to our latest release of Postal Package Partner™ for Microsoft® SQL Server®

Please be sure to also download and install the Window Book Automation Scheduler so you can automatically download the USPS Extract File and send automated delivery confirmation EMail Notifications.

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Learn about recommended Firewall Settings for the Microsoft® SQL Server™ database.


Postal Package Partner™ Network Auto-update system

NOTE: It is important in a Client-Server installation with workstations to ALWAYS install on the Server (Primary Installation) first. Workstations can then be updated afterward. Workstation install only updates the program files for that workstation, not data or ini files.

Detailed installation and requirements for PPP SQL Server v8

Download Postal Package Partner™ (64-bit) Download Postal Package Partner™ (32-bit)

How do I check whether my computer is 32-bit or 64-bit?

Release Notes

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Visit the Postal Package Partner User Guides page for information on any Enhancements