Postal Package Partner V8 - Microsoft® SQL

The release of Postal Package Partner™ Version 8 includes a switch from the Pervasive SQL Server™ database platform to the Microsoft® SQL Server™ database platform. This change requires several things to be investigated and answered or prepared before beginning your installation and set-up process. Follow this link to review the necessary actions and requirements before beginning your PPP Installasion:

If after you review the information you feel you do not have the necessary IT staff to complete this installation - or you do not wish to pay your normal IT consultant's expensive rate - please contact your Window Book Account Representative to discuss pricing on our Quick Start service. Quick Start is a service offered by our Professional Services Dept (installation and set-up services are NOT a function or service of our Technical Support team) and can help you get this release - or any release - installed and running. You can reach your Account Rep by calling 800-524-0380 or emailing