Postal Package Partner™ Network Auto-Update System

This new version of the program from Window Book allows for the automatic updating of each workstation (without requiring a full installation) once the Primary Network/Server installation has been completed.

The system works as follows:
  • The Postal Package Partner™ Server or Primary installation is done first - it must be in place before doing workstation updates.
  • During the Server Installation the user is prompted to enter the “NetBookshelf” -; this is where the update files for the workstations are kept, so it must be a location that can be reached by the workstations, such as a shared network drive or UNC Path.
  • Files are installed to the Netbookshelf as well as the program directory during the server installation. In addition an .ini file (WBIProducts.ini) is maintained with the version number and status of the installation (“in progress” or “completed”).
  • In order to set up the system after the Server installation is complete, the workstations must each be updated using the new version of the installer. When doing this it is necessary to make sure that the NetBookshelf for each workstation is the same physical location as the NetBookshelf designated during the Server Installation.
  • The next time the user does a Server installation, the Workstations will be automatically updated as they are opened, preventing the need for a full installation on each workstation.

NOTE: If for any reason a full installation using the install routine is required on the workstations after the system has been set up, it will be indicated by an .ini setting made by the Server Installation for that particular version. (This is a very rare occurrence).

NOTE: The Workstation install will issue a warning if the .Ini file (WBIProducts.ini) is not found in the NetBookshelf.

In order to make this new system possible, some changes were made to the installers and the architecture of the Server/Workstation type of Installation.

The Installer itself now has three options rather than two, and with this upgrade it’s very important to do the correct type of install in the correct place, i.e. “Workstation” on the client/workstations and “Server” on the Server or primary machine (where the Main Program and (sometimes) the data are physically located.) If the program and data are on separate machines it will be necessary to designate one of the machines as the Primary or Server install for the purposes of this type of architecture.

Step 1 - Server Install

Server install for Postal Package Partner

This will translate into a new code in the machine’s WBIinstall.ini

PPP707Netversion=SERVER for a Server

Server WBI Installer for Postal Package Partner