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Multi-Carrier Trailer Manifesting is now included in DAT-MAIL Toolbox!

DAT-MAIL™ Multi-Carrier Trailer Manifesting

See pallets from all your jobs and versions for any ship date range then decide which pallets should go onto each trailer. When it is time to load them, use printed trailer manifests or Window Book’s wbSCAN to make sure the right pallets end up on the right trailers and that none are left behind.

  • Reduce the need for expensive expedited freight to make up lost time
  • Help to meet your SLAs and hit your in-home delivery dates
  • Save time and improve accuracy of communicating load information to your carriers
  • Participate in USPS® Drop Ship Management System (DSMS) programs more easily to save warehouse space

Multi-Carrier Trailer Manifesting supports:

  • Consolidation center trailers
  • LTL trailers
  • Direct USPS trailers, single or multi-stop
  • Trailers transporting origin mail (including mailer or USPS provided trailers for First Class!)
  • Trailers going to commingle facilities

Interface with your logistics provider to send this data electronically, print a detailed bill of lading or send an electronic bill of lading to your carrier. Use the DSMS release program to communicate which pallets should be released.



  • Scan the Intelligent Mail barcodes on pallet placards as the pallets are completed.
  • Subsequent scans of the pallet barcodes update the status: ready to pay, staged, loaded, etc.
  • Save time by creating trailer manifests as you load. Then use Trailer Manifesting’s pallet list to confirm you shipped all pallets that were supposed to go out
  • Save time and avoid the potential for human error when verifying that your planned loads are correct and complete
  • Save time planning manifests in Trailer Manifesting by scanning pallets as they are ready to ship
  • Automate payment management of partial mailings and improve payment accuracy
  • Improve QA to avoid assessments for undocumented pieces
  • Find pallets faster with pallet inventory management
DAT-MAIL™ Multi-Carrier Trailer Manifesting


Mailers of all sizes that create pallets could use help improving the way these pallets are managed and transported. All mailers can use help with improving quality assurance processes to avoid assessments, a benefit of wbSCAN.

The remarkable thing about DAT-MAIL Toolbox Trailer Manifesting combined with the optional wbSCAN module is how affordable they are. It doesn’t take very many misplaced or misloaded pallets, missed SLAs, missed in-home dates or avoided undocumented piece assessments to pay for it many times over.

The information, control, improved productivity and reduction of human error in your most error-prone processes are truly priceless and improve your operational excellence.

Click Here for more information about DAT-MAIL Toolbox and check out the details of wbSCAN.

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