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Post-Presort Software to Manage Mail.dat® file processing

(If you process Mail.dat files AFTER the presort process, you need this software)

Find out why hundreds of mailers trust DAT-MAIL™ to manage their post-presort processing of Mail.dat files!


Ease of Use

What good is software that no one in your organization can master, much less use to its' full potential? DAT MAIL is the easiest post-presort product to implement, integrate with your current systems, and use with positive results - right out of the box! Not only that, but the automation options are almost endless.

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Advanced Navigator

In addition to the features of DAT-MAIL, our Advanced Navigator will assist you making your job easier.

Use the Advanced Navigator to quickly and easily process your mailings including Intelligent Mail® Full-Service qualified mail – and eDoc. The Advanced Navigator screen displays the most important information about the presort, provides access to the most commonly used functions and reports, and lets you edit and update your files by simply pressing a button. You don’t need to be a Mail.dat expert: this screen shows you exactly where the data is in the file and allows access to the data you need at the click of a button!


Improve accuracy of postage statements, documentation and editing of Mail.dat files at the very last minute

Save time and reduce labor costs by moving to electronic rather than hard copy mailing submissions and automating tedious tasks

  • The only true end-to-end post-presort automation solution in the mailing industry!

Save money by processing mailings to be eligible for discounts, incentives and promotions, reporting spoilage/shortage, and much more

Reduce transportation costs and warehouse staging space by supporting tray copalletization and robust finished mail pallet inventory

Gain a Competitive Edge by providing the highest level of discounts and incentives and excellent customer service with quick and easy PostalOne!® transactions and documentation

Improve accuracy and control by eliminating human errors and variability and receive email or SMS text messages when submissions to PostalOne! fail so no mailing "falls between the cracks"

  • Validate Mail.dat files against Idealliance or PostalOne! specifications

Increase operational efficiency by eliminating redundant tasks, robust production floor reports, automated USPS Destination Data file updating, managing partial mailings and much more!

Optimize drop shipping to postal entry points for postal savings or better in-home delivery control, including interfaces to popular logistics providers and management of Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) drop shipping

Automated management of document retrieval, communication and archiving, including postage statements, barcoded Confirmation Pages, mailing transaction receipts, qualification reports, and postage data in XML file format

Access your valuable data through reports and customized queries based on robust MS-SQL databases for both Mail.dat and Postage Statement data

Manage data security using custom settings to control user access

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Summing it up

DAT-MAIL is complete Mailing Data Management software that provides real world solutions for any mailer who submits postage statements to the USPS. It lets you edit your mailing documentation and generate postal statements & comprehensive postage reports.

  • Manage both Mail.dat and non-Mail.dat data
  • Create partial mailings
  • Update/edit piece weight and advertising percentages to reflect final mailing
  • Generate reports to track postage, permits, clients & jobs from your final postage data
  • Easily deduct spoilage from mailings to reduce postage costs
  • Access drop ship information & perform entry planning, create 8125's and get current redirections
  • Finished mail pallet inventory management and interface to logistics providers
  • Quick and easy LTL drop shipment quotes for single or pooled mailings
  • Process commingle, co-palletization, and co-mailings
  • Merge or split Mail.dat files
  • Print customizable pallet placards and sack & tray tags
  • Manage production overflows by creating Sibling records for Handling Units and/or Containers
  • Analyze mailings for Priority Mail Open and Distribute

Edit entry point designations to deal with last minute transportation or long-term cost savings situations without changing your physical manufacturing mail stream. Update the data to reflect the last-minute changes mailers face every day in real-world mailing situations. Once your changes are made, provide the USPS with accurate Qualification Reports and Postage Statements. Mailers will develop a stronger relationship with the Postal Service by providing Mail Verification Clerks with easy-to-read, concise mailing documentation, on a consistent basis.

Special Modules and Interfaces

DAT MAIL Modules enables mailers to apply special services or systems into their operations. Modules for finished mail pallet inventory management,management of Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) drop shipping, participation in FAST appointment setting, to do Palletization, and for superior Postage Accounting are available. Interfaces with Whitter Tagger systems and BCC Mail Manager data offer increased flexibility and reduced redundant work. DAT MAIL is the chosen software for interfacing with Midnight, EFI Hagen, PrintStream, MailShop, and Pro-Mail. ODBC Connect interfacing allows you to transfer data to internal systems without rekeying it.

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