Thinking Outside the Mailbox - March / April 2021


The USPS® Seamless Acceptance deadlines are coming up fast, and one of the most critical tasks mailers need to do to prepare for the deadlines is to access their Mail Quality Data. This is not part of the Mailer Scorecard (which is also important), but rather is available to mailers through Informed Visibility® Mail Tracking & Reporting (IV®-MTR). Mail Quality Data is the fastest, easiest way to gain access to the detailed information about your mailing quality, particularly valuable is the undocumented mailpiece data. 

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - January / February 2021


As we told you in earlier newsletters, the USPS included in their general price change for market dominant products, which went into effect on January 24, 2021, an incentive for Intelligent Mail Full-Service mailings submitted under Seamless Acceptance. It is important to note that this incentive is not a postage discount that is deducted from the postage statement and payment. Rather, it is an incentive, which goes to the eDoc Submitter, and the incentive money is placed into the Enterprise Payment System (EPS) permit account of the eDoc Submitter. There is an enrollment process to take advantage of this incentive, it is not automatically given to the eDoc submitters.

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - October / November 2020


Over his career Lloyd Moss has visited over 200 mailers, large and small, and has been impressed by some of the systems larger mailers wrote themselves to perform these functions. wbSCAN can put a lot of that functionality in the hands of mailers who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Lloyd sees compliance with the requirements of a growing number of USPS programs to be the industry’s greatest challenge and Window Book's most important opportunity.  

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - August / September 2020


Window Book has been expanding our address quality offerings with TrueAddress™ for mailers, corporations with large databases of names and addresses, and parcel shippers. We are expanding services towards clients that use the core data for both postal needs and for a core quality of their databases. Each month, about 1.5% of the domestic addresses change, and we see that many of our clients have challenges with maintaining their data. As a result, we are moving more into helping all these companies get really good quality data. 

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - July 2020


Now that the USPS has made Seamless Acceptance mandatory, mailers are more closely monitoring their Mailer Scorecard data to pinpoint areas where errors are occurring. But how do mailers access the details of the reported errors? Using the Informed Visibility® Mail Tracking & Reporting (IV-MTR) Mail Quality Data is the fastest, easiest way to gain access to this detailed information.

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - April / May / June 2020


During this medical crisis and into the future, one thing remains unchanged, and that is Window Book’s commitment to care for and protect our clients. The best way to do that is to provide intelligent automation solutions to help improve your productivity and profitability. 

To help you in these challenging times, we are offering to add any of our intelligent automation solutions free through the end of July 2020.

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - February / March 2020


There are a few Industry trends that are creating needs in mailing operations that are being met with new technology from Window Book in March 2020.

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - January 2020


If you already participate in Seamless Acceptance, you are realizing the benefits of this USPS program. The primary benefit is that mailers have much more control over the mailing date. With Seamless Acceptance, the mailing job is finalized as soon as it is successfully uploaded to PostalOne!, so mailers are no longer restricted by USPS Detached Mail Unit (DMU) or Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) hours. If you are not participating in Seamless Acceptance, make it your New Year Resolution to get on board.

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - December 2019


One of the things I love is being asked by our clients to come on-site at their production facilities. Not only is a face-to-face meeting so much more inviting than speaking over the phone or video conference, it is so mutually beneficial to see how our solutions are used  by our diverse set of successful clients. 

Thinking Outside the Mailbox - November 2019


This time of year there are many things to be grateful for, but one that is often overlooked is the United States Postal Service® (USPS®) and all of the ways that it benefits America. Here are just some of the ways the USPS benefits our country.