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Advanced Workflow Automation Manager

Faster and Easier Mail.dat® Import and Processing Saves Time and Improves Productivity

Stop wasting time importing and processing Mail.dat files! Instead use AWAM, the most powerful Mail.dat automated processing tool available today!

AWAM is Fast

  • Processes up to 20 Mail.dat files at once
  • Server-based for maximum speed and reliability
  • Processing large jobs won't delay the processing of smaller jobs

AWAM is Powerful and Flexible

Two modes of operation: Hunter-Mode, Hot-folder Mode

Hunter-Mode – Automatically finds and imports new Mail.dat files right out of your job subfolders and moves imported files into a “processed” subfolder inside each job subfolder. It works the way you do!

Hot-folder Mode – Supports an unlimited number of import hot-folders, each linked to a different import workflow for different clients or job types. If the mailer’s IT department can’t save Mail.dat files to the correct hot folders, AWAM File Manager helps mailers do it themselves. Users can easily select Mail.dat files and the correct destination hot folder, press the Import button and all the processing is done while they get other work done!

AWAM Lets You Perform a Huge Variety of Automated Tasks

  • Perform mass updates – helps clean up incorrect or missing data or help you with By/For identification
  • Batch print your reports, tray tags and pallet placards automatically
  • Set your mailing and other dates automatically
  • Perform automated Mail.dat exports to PostalOne! ® or other applications
  • Automatically palletize your mailings
  • Automatically do entry point optimization for both drop shipping and copal
    • Can use different freight tables and options for different clients or logistics companies!
  • Build floating batch manifests only for the jobs that need them
  • Automated statement generation and ready-to-pay update submission to PostalOne!

AWAM File Manager (FM Rules)

The AWAM File Manager provides the ability for a user to easily select and stage the Mail.dat files to be imported. During the staging process, the user specifies which import folder the Mail.dat file should be copied to. The File Manager only displays import folders defined in active AWAM profiles. More than one import folder can be assigned to a single Mail.dat file, which is useful for Clients with multiple freight plans.

The AWAM File Manager is intended for use on workstations in a server with workstation(s) environment or on the single computer in a stand-alone environment.

All DAT-MAIL™ Users can See AWAM Status and All can Update its Settings!

  • Though AWAM runs on the server, nobody needs to directly access it there
  • Email notification informs users of exceptions encountered

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AWAM File Manager helps mailers copy their Mail.dat files to the correct hot folders for import.


AWAM Rules Editor for Mailers

AWAM Rules Editor

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