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If you process Mail.dat® files through PostalOne!®, we can help!

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For 30 years, Window Book has been improving the operational efficiency of North America’s mailers. Today, over 50% of USPS mail is processed by Window Book clients!

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Here are just a few of the ways Window Book can improve the workflow in your mailing operation:

Automate and submit multiple Mail.dat files to PostalOne!, simultaneously.

Receive automated delivery of PostalOne! UPD and finalized (FIN) statements, confirmation pages, XML files, etc.

Edit Mail.dat files using our DAT-MAIL™ Editor and stop wasting time re-running files through Presort.

Use Quick-Fix™ to correct Mail.dat validation errors in real time.

Notify staff of PostalOne! upload errors/successes automatically via email or text.

Integrate your postage data with other internal systems (accounting, customer service, etc.) for a seamless workflow.

Create a fully lights-out environment where files are processed, uploaded and postage statements are returned with no human interaction.

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Seamless Acceptance Solutions Suite

Seamless Acceptance does not have to be a scary thing. There are many benefits for mailers, such as better control over mailing dates, acceptance times, and more consistency in mail acceptance across multiple mailing locations. Window Book has a complete suite of solutions to help you implement Seamless Acceptance in your mailing operation.

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