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Window Book has enabled over 9,997 companies to produce over $39.5 billion dollars in postage statements and hundreds of millions of dollars in increased profits by using our software since 1988.


Seamless Acceptance Solutions Suite

Seamless Acceptance Solutions Suite

Seamless Acceptance does not have to be a scary thing. There are many benefits for mailers, such as better control over mailing dates, acceptance times, and more consistency in mail acceptance across multiple mailing locations. Window Book has a complete suite of solutions to help you implement Seamless Acceptance in your mailing operation.

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DAT-MAIL™ is a complete Mailing Data Management software solution that provides real world solutions for any mailer who submits postage statements or Mail.dat® files to PostalOne!® to the USPS®.

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Advanced Workflow Automation Manager™

Window Book's newest addition to DAT-MAIL, allows you to run automated tasks without human intervention for your mailing jobs. This also includes the AWAM FM Rules utility that allows the moving and copying of Mail.dat® files

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wbSCAN™ is a new browser-based application that gets installed on your DATMAIL server (static IP address required). It’s a light-weight web server that interacts with your DAT-MAIL data in real time. wbSCAN supports a variety of popular handheld, table, and desktop devices making it easy for people to use right on their shop floor!

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YourScore™ is a unique service, designed and delivered exclusively by Window Book for the mailing industry. YourScore eliminates the painstaking process of logging into the USPS® Business Customer Gateway (BCG) to review your Mailer Scorecard. It also does away with the need to remember to go to the BCG in the first place. YourScore is a simple, but elegant, service that automatically emails YOUR scorecard data to YOU every morning as soon as the USPS updates it. Not only do you receive a color-coded alert to tell you immediately if you have warnings, errors or a clean bill of health, but just click on a link in the email to access a veritable gold mine of actionable data.

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Window Book's newest smart postal solution, PostalWeb®, completes the PostalOne!® automation circle by providing easy downloading of finalized PostalOne! postage statements directly to your servers, and includes options for email notifications and even emailing of these finalized postage statements!

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PostalWeb Connector™

PostalWeb Connector™ (formerly known as MailDrop Engine™)

Part of our PostalWeb end-to-end PostalOne!® transaction automation solution!

  • Includes complete USPS MDR Client™ (MDR Client) hosting which allows for much faster submissions to PostalOne!
  • Automatically updates USPS MDR Client software – set it and forget it!
  • Ability to process/upload multiple Mail.dat® files simultaneously, and for one or multiple MDR Client sites -PROD, PREPROD, CAT and TEM.
  • Stages and queues Mail.dat file submissions in the proper sequence AND for optimal upload performance.
  • Provides for quick, easy database cleanup

PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard™

PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard™
(formerly known as eDM10X™)

Part of our PostalWeb end-to-end PostalOne! transaction automation solution!

  • New, modern user interface to monitor PostalOne! job submission statuses
  • Color coded to instantly know where your jobs are in the process
  • Easy to understand translations of cryptic PostalOne! error logs
  • Quickly identify and fix PostalOne! validation errors, even if you are not a Mail.dat® expert!
  • Easily re-submit files that have been corrected
  • Automatically notify staff of MDR upload errors or successes via email/text messages
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Logistics/Distribution Optimization

Logistics/Distribution Optimization

Our distribution optimization tools range from requesting Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) drop shipping quotes right from the DAT-MAIL software, to enhanced connectivity to logistics consolidators for co-palletization and full truckload drop shipping. Plus wbSCAN – a web-based scanning application that is quickly/easily installed on your DAT-MAIL server and supports a variety of popular handheld tablet and desktop devices for real-time barcode scanning on your shop floor.

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DAT-PreCheck™ displays and validates the Mailer Identification numbers (MIDs) and Customer Registration Identification numbers (CRIDs) of the Mail Owners and Mail Service Providers identified in a Mail.dat® file. Additionally, DAT-PreCheck validates the Nonprofit Authorization Numbers (NPAs) for any mailing claiming nonprofit pricing. It also provides information outlining the Service Type Identifiers (STIDs) populated in the Mail.dat file and validates the Labeling List file dates that were used during the presort process. The newest addition to this great validation tool is the ability to detect duplicate Intelligent Mail barcodes.

The beauty of all this is that it can be done very quickly – allowing you to save valuable time and money. And the best part is that you get the ability to validate this information before you go into mail production and before you submit Mail.dat files to PostalOne!®.

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DAT-MAIL™ Whitier Tagger

DAT-MAIL™ Whittier Tagger

DAT-MAIL™'s Tagger Interface makes it very easy for the Tagger to use Mail.dat® files. When a Mail.dat® file is imported by DAT-MAIL it can even automatically be sent to a folder that is shared with the Tagger. Future features are planned for the DAT-MAIL / Tagger interface to enable additional changes to eDocs right from the shop floor! There is a saying that sometimes “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. With the new DAT-MAIL Tagger Interface, this can now be said of using DAT-MAIL with a Tagger.

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Enterprise Shipper®

Enterprise Shipper® is Window Book’s easy to use and economic package shipping system. It combines the best of traditional client/server and web-based architecture to provide:

  • local storage of your shipping data
  • a responsive and intuitive user interface
  • fast label generation
  • cloud based delivery tracking and notification
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See our services: Full-Service On-Ramp, Diagnostic Analysis, Open & Distribute Analysis, QUICK START, Training, Postal Concierge, Consulting and Custom Solutions

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High Performance address correction and standardization software for 64-bit Windows or Linux, batch processing and single address lookup via DLL provided for popular development environments.

Address standardization and CASS compliant address corrections

  • Enterprise Data quality for large companies
  • Processing rejects from other CASS products in minimal time
  • Website data entry validation
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1-Pass Prep™

1-PASS Prep™ gives you precise control over the commingling process, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency and postal savings.

As postage rates continue to rise, it is critical for mailers to help their clients minimize their postage spend. Their ability to do this will increasingly become a competitive differentiator when trying to attract large clients. For Mail Owners or Mail Service Providers who want to outsource a portion of their mail for commingling at the best price and service.

This software runs in batch mode on high performance 64-bit Windows or Linux servers.


DAT-MAIL Prep™ is a simple, fast, easy to use tool that helps you quickly configure your Mail.dat® files BEFORE you import them into ANY post-presort software.

Now you can control exactly how your Mail.dat files should be configured via high-speed pre-processing functions. Save time configuring the data within your Mail.dat editing software.

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