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Jetsons Mailer
John Mascari, Advisor
Phillip Parrish, VP Logistics
John Wallace, President & CEO
Johnson Quin
Dan Clasen, Manager of Postal Optimization
Randy Weiler, Director of Postal Affairs

Royle Printing


“I use YourScore feedback daily and find it very informative. Saves me a lot of time of not having to drill to find scores.”

Don Landis, Royle Printing

Patient News Publishing


“We are very happy with the YourScore service – it is so great to receive it daily without thinking about it - and will continue with it come renewal time. We are also very appreciative of the stellar Window Book Support team.”

Ashley Walker, Production Manager, Patient News Publishing

United Mail Ohio

PostalWeb®, PostalWeb Connector™ and PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard™

“This is like a dream come true!” and “Do you know how much time this will save me…and save the Accounting Secretary?!”

Rose Roush, Postal Liaison, United Mail Ohio

Classic Graphics


“We will be keeping AWAM for sure. Not sure how we could live without it.”

Andrew Loflin, Data Specialist, Classic Graphics

Jet Mail Services Inc.

Window Book Automation Solutions

“We have been using various Window Book products since 2010. As we continue to evolve we look for ways to improve our processes. Recently we added the full suite of Window Book automation products, AWAM, PostalWeb Connector, PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard, Postal Web, and Your Score. By applying automation we’ve found efficiencies that have streamlined our operation saving hundreds of manpower hours yearly. Those hours are now being utilized in other areas. We’re exploring other areas that can be converted to Window Book automation eliminating repetitive keystrokes.”

Vinny Attenasio, Data Processing Manager, Jet Mail Services Inc.

SeaChange Print Innovations

DAT-MAIL™ and PostalWeb®

“Our team at SeaChange Print Innovations has been using Window Book’s DAT-MAIL since 2007. We truly appreciate how they are continuously producing new features to meet their clients’ needs. Their work allows us to be more productive and profitable. One of our favorite features, which saves us time, is the automatic retrieval of our finalized postage statements from PostalOne!”

Sam Dawson, Data Processing, SeaChange Print Innovations

Meredith-Webb Printing


“I would like to thank everyone at WindowBook for helping me with the problem I had with PostalOne. I have been approved to mail Full Service. I encountered a problem trying to submit a partial mailing through PostalOne. The WindowBook team assisted me throughout the ‘debugging process’. It turns out that the problem is a PostalOne issue that required further attention from their developers. The USPS informed me that it could possibly be as late as August 2010 before a fix could be generated. Meanwhile my customer would like their mailings to be split according to their transportation plan over several days. WindowBook stepped up and coded a workaround that would allow me to submit my mailings as partial mailings. Many thanks go out to Mary and Kim for helping me satisfy my customer’s requirement”

John Coleman, Direct Mail Services Manager, Meredith-Webb Printing Company

IWCO Direct

“In 2004 IWCO Direct began searching for a more robust software solution to support our mail acceptance process. We were looking for a vendor who would partner with us to provide a software solution that accommodated our unique mail acceptance needs while ensuring that we were always current with ever-changing US Postal Service regulations. Among the features we required were that the software support the use of Mail.dat files, be compatible with the PostalOne! platform, handle large volume mailings, be easy to use, and save us time compared to our previous software. Because IWCO Direct is an industry leader in commingling, this software also needed to support our commingled mailings. Window Book had the tools we needed to support our mail acceptance process. Their DAT-MAIL™ software proved flexible enough to meet all our unique requirements. Window Book worked with us to design, implement and test the customized elements we needed to accommodate acceptance of commingled mail with multiple payment types. Window Book continues to provide excellent support as our needs change and grow.”

Norine Henke, Project Manager, IWCO Direct

ABR Services Inc.

Hear what they have to say on DAT-MAIL™

“Our biggest savings is in Time and Accuracy. Before using DAT-MAIL™, we had to have two people doing tickets. Now we are down to one and she has time to do other duties than tickets. Using DM, our tickets correct right from the start. And it is so easy to make changes where before we had to redo the whole ticket”

Janet Dalby, ABR Services Inc.

ABR Services Inc.

“Window Book software we acquired to simplify our mail production steps post print to delivery has proven worth its price and the service provided to us through the process as needed has been exemplary. Prior to using this software, we were simply using MDR client from USPS to upload Mail.dats generated through BCC software. Once uploaded, we were printing confirmation pages and downloading finalized statements off the USPS dashboard. Nothing complicated, but time consuming, especially during high volume mailing periods. With the Window Book product, we were able to train mail bindery staff how to upload jobs with a simple drag and drop with confirmation pages printing automatically and finalized statements set to auto email to pre-established contacts. This freed up time for our mailing data team to concentrate on data processing, presort detail, postage optimization and other tasks that created a more efficient and marketable mailing department. Once we determined that user friendly nature of the interfacing would make it reasonable to shift this aspect of our departmental duties to bindery staff, it was a no-brainer. I would recommend any mailer to consider the time saving benefits of the software.”

Linda Dahlke, VISOgraphic

We want to hear from you!

Please submit your testimonial with a logo (if possible) to: Or Click here to submit an audio testimonial.