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DAT-MAIL™ Priority Mail® Open and
Distribute (PMOD) Module

Find out how Window Book can simplify and
automate your PMOD drop shipments!

DAT-MAIL Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) Module

DAT-MAIL users can now easily manage Priority Mail Open and Distribute drop shipping! Right along with our other multi-carrier logistics connectivity for drop shipping, now you can also easily use the USPS® Priority Mail Open and Distribute services for drop shipping.

  • Easily select entry points for PMOD shipping right in DAT-MAIL
  • Obtain instant calculation of PMOD prices and net savings
    • Provides PMOD cost quotes for each entry point along with drop ship savings prior to purchasing postage so you can easily comparison shop. This will help you save money on total shipping costs.
  • Pay for the PMOD portion of the postage quickly and easily using e-Postage
  • Quickly generate PMOD labels and tags, right from DAT-MAIL
    • Automatically generates shipments with PMOD labels for presorted mailings with Mail.dat® files for each entry point. This can help you save a LOT of time if you are shipping either numerous trays or going to a large number of entry points.
  • Generate production and USPS verification reports including USPS scan reports
    • Production report shows shop floor staff exactly how to create each PMOD shipment and provides an audit trail of your PMOD production.
  • No contract or volume commitment with USPS needed to realize Commercial Plus pricing!
  • No USPS certifications or approvals needed
  • Print labels up to 14 days in advance of the ship date (compare with using PC Postage, which limits this to only 7 days in advance).
  • It determines the correct entry points automatically using latest USPS mail direction file so mail always gets to the correct facility.
  • Labels can be batch printed on either two-per-page cut sheets or continuous 4 x 6 thermal labels for maximum convenience.
  • PMOD Module also features the ability to manually create PMOD shipments even if there is no Mail.dat file. This may not have all the same advantages as those created from Mail.dat but it allows all types of PMOD to be done by the same system.

Why use PMOD for drop shipping?

  • Smaller drop ship volumes that do not lend themselves to full truckloads.
  • Consolidator handles your drop ship volume but some mailings are too time sensitive to go through the usual consolidation process.
  • Your production processes are running behind schedule—make up time in shipping.
  • Time sensitive mailings that need more expedited handling than usual.
  • Delivery trouble spots that consistently take longer for delivery than other areas.
  • Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) entry points for Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) mailings.

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