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"...Window Book listened to our ideas and needs and designed a new application, DAT-MAIL Prep™ Ultra that accomplishes all that we asked for. It allows comminglers to make necessary changes in mere minutes - regardless of the mailing size. All this while still making a product with a very user-friendly interface..."

- Michael Smith, Vice President Operations, Automated Presort, Inc.

A simple solution for complex processing

DAT-MAIL Prep™ is a simple, fast, easy to use tool that helps you quickly configure your Mail.dat® files BEFORE you import them into ANY post-presort software. Now you can control exactly how your Mail.dat® files should be configured via high-speed pre-processing functions. Save time configuring the data within your Mail.dat® editing software.

Built on state-of-the-art .net technology

DAT-MAIL Prep™ features

Features include:

  • Mail.dat® Viewing - Quickly display the contents of your Mail.dat® file!
  • CSA Viewing - View your FAST Customer/Supplier Agreement (CSA) without changing the original .CSV format
  • Mail.dat® Updating - Mass update a batch of files to modify CRIDs, MIDs and/or Permit Numbers
  • Mail.dat® Validation – Know in advance if there are errors in your Mail.dat® files.
  • Mail.dat® Splitting – Do you need to split your Mail.dat® files to accommodate production needs? An array of choices are included!
  • Mail.dat® Merging – Do you have multiple Mail.dat® files you need to combine into a single mailing? Just choose your options and run!
  • Mail.dat® Converting – Do you need to convert 09-1 files to 11-1 or 11-2? Or vice-versa? Two-way converting is available. Take your pick!
  • Mail.dat® Editing – Easily change popular fields in HDR, SEG, MPA and CSM records such as Job ID, eDoc Sender CRID, Permits and various Date/Time fields
DAT-MAIL Prep™ Editor

Three versions to pick from:

  • DAT-MAIL Prep™ Viewer - view your Mail.dat® and CSA files
  • DAT-MAIL Prep™ Editor - update, edit, validate and convert Mail.dat® files (perfect for comminglers!)
  • DAT-MAIL Prep™ Ultra - include all the functionalities above AND Mail.dat® Splitter and Merger features.

Take a tour:

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