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DAT-MAIL™ and Whittier Tagger

Use them together to meet Full-Service Intelligent Mail® requirements and solve some of your production challenges as well!

DAT-MAIL/Whittier Tagger

Whittier Mailing Products Barcode Tagger and Window Book's DAT-MAIL can exchange data with each other to make your life easier. This great interface allows you to easily manage barcoded sack, tray and pallet labels.

  • Create extra "sibling" tray tags and pallet labels when you have “overflow” trays and pallets – The Tagger can create these extra tray/sack tags or pallet labels and DAT-MAIL can easily add this data to the mail.dat files, automatically in some cases!
    • Adding these sibling trays and pallets allows you to meet Full-Service Intelligent Mail® standards and helps you report accurate tray and pallet counts in your eDoc.
    • Creating the extra tray tags or pallet labels is as easy as scanning the tray tag or pallet label for the container that “overflowed”!
  • Replace lost or damaged tray tags – With Full-Service mailings you can no longer guess as to which tray tag you need to replace. You must reprint the correct uniquely barcoded tray tag. The Tagger allows you to use an inexpensive scanner to scan a mail piece in a tray and then print the correct replacement tray tag using the data supplied by DAT-MAIL.
  • Print all the tray tags for a pallet by scanning a pallet placard! Get the efficiencies of using the Tagger's one-up tags without having to print the whole job at once.
  • Define your extraneous data line. Simply indicate what data you want to see in your tag’s extraneous line and DAT-MAIL adds it when it exports the data to the Tagger.

DAT-MAIL's Tagger Interface makes it very easy for the Tagger to use Mail.dat files. When a Mail.dat file is imported by DAT-MAIL it can even automatically be sent to a folder that is shared with the Tagger. Best of all, you can print these tags and update your Mail.dat files right from the shop floor! Take away your barcoded tagging headaches with the DAT-MAIL and Whittier Tagger Interface!

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