A proactive utility to save you money.

Avoid assessments for inadequate By/For identification, incorrect or missing NPAs, STIDs and outdated Labeling List data.

DAT-PreCheck displays and validates the Mailer Identification numbers (MIDs) and Customer Registration Identification numbers (CRIDs) of the Mail Owners and Mail Service Providers identified in a Mail.dat® file. Additionally, DAT-PreCheck validates the Nonprofit Authorization Numbers (NPAs) for any mailing claiming nonprofit pricing. It also provides information outlining the Service Type Identifiers (STIDs) populated in the Mail.dat file. The newest addition to this great validation tool is the ability to validate the Labeling List file dates that were used during the presort process.

All these validations help mailers comply with Full-Service requirements and avoid some of the most common causes for Mailer Scorecard errors. With the DAT-PreCheck report, you can easily see the Mail Owners identified in your Mail.dat file and determine if they are correct. You can also see if there are any problems that could lead to By/For conflict errors, easily see if there are NPA issues, STID issues, or outdated Labeling List file dates. The beauty of all this is that it can be done very quickly – allowing you to save valuable time and money. And the best part is that you get the ability to validate this information before you submit Mail.dat files to PostalOne!®.

Consider how things operate now. If PostalOne! rejects a mailing, or if you are notified of an error, or still worse, if your Mailer Scorecard reflects assessable errors, corrective action necessary can be painstaking to resolve the problem(s). And, adding another level of pain to the process, the mailer must cancel the statement, change or populate the correct matching Permit or NPA and resubmit. This is extremely inefficient. With the DAT-PreCheck solution, you can remove all the headaches – again - before you ever submit that file to PostalOne!


Added Bonus: Get all the non-profit discounts you’re entitled to - the first time around!

Non-Profit Authorization (NPA) numbers are required for non-profit mailings and must be linked to the mail owner identified in your Mail.dat file. DAT-PreCheck will confirm that you have NPA’s populated and linked to the Mail Owners you identified. By warning you in advance of invalid NPA’s, you can make corrections before submitting the Mail.dat file to PostalOne!, thereby protecting the non-profit discount and the time needed to correct this after-the-fact. This NPA Validation feature is a great time and money saver!

Think of DAT-PreCheck as an early warning system!

DAT-PreCheck will also warn of By/For conflicts and show mailers what the “primary” mail owner identifier was based on a list of processing priorities. It can also show mailers any conflicts with the STIDs being used, or outdated Labeling List data, so corrective action can be taken before uploading the Mail.dat files to PostalOne!

A “Must Have” no brainer solution.

DAT-PreCheck saves mailers time and money. This valuable diagnostic utility operates independent of any other Window Book software; but it does require the use of a Client-specific PostalWeb® site.

Additional help is available.

Take advantage of our Professional Services Team to assist in troubleshooting root causes of any By/For conflicts and other areas at risk for exceeding the USPS’ established thresholds.

For sales inquiries or requesting a quote, email sales@windowbook.com or call 800-524-0380. We also offer demos of our products.
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