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DAT-MAIL™ Benefits/Features


As a business you want the right, trusted products for your Team – You want to go with DAT-MAIL because:

  • Easy to Use

    You want a Solution that is technically very competent but is so easy to use that employees that are going to come and go can get up to speed very quickly

  • Full Automation

    You want to go with DAT-MAIL because it has designed in automation

  • Management Friendly

    You want DAT-MAIL because it is more than just for the production group – it is not just about Mail.dat editing… A full suite of more than 80 Management Reports can be generated to help understand your trends and opportunities.

  • Industry Friendly

    There are so many people already using DAT-MAIL in our Industry that it won’t be hard to find someone who already knows how to use it

  • Big Data Friendly

    DAT-MAIL stores a running database of ALL of your mailing activity from which you can generate comprehensive reports from whatever timeframes. BIG Data is coming and you need to know how to use it to your advantage so that your competition does not take your market share. DAT-MAIL and Window Book is on the front line of Big Data and has been so for years. We have it so that you can get your mailing data and integrate it into your enterprise. Management reporting is more critical now than ever to know where your opportunities for growth and improvement are… our competition is Access oriented (a platform no longer supported by Microsoft – and not capable of handling Big Data efficiently) while Window Book is MS SQL Database oriented with the latest technological efficiencies. By default, your data is more secure and more scalable with DAT-MAIL…


Improves accuracy of postage statements, documentation and editing at the very last minute

  • Change piece/copy weights and ad percents
  • Schedule drop dates and print drop schedules
  • Create statements for groups of entry points, pallets, sacks and trays
  • Perform version substitutions in response to production variances
  • Edit statement data to:
    • Split mailings at the last minute by splitting the statements
    • Change client, permit or job info at any time
    • Change container counts and piece counts

Saves time and improves your efficiency

  • Automate Mail.dat® imports via DAT-MAIL's 'Import Daemon' or Advanced Automation Workflow Manager (AWAM)*
  • Schedule drop dates and print drop schedules
  • Eliminate manual entry of postage statement data
  • Quickly edit postage data with DAT-MAIL's specialized 'views' for different needs
  • Share postage data with other programs for better accounting or customer service
  • Create over 60 postage reports and 20 production reports
  • Avoid printing many postage reports that DMU clerks can view electronically

Saves money and postage, document printing, distribution, storage and more…

  • Reduce postage costs by easily adjusting statements for spoilage and shortages
  • Save money on printing and storing thousands of pages of documents per year
  • Save by centralizing data processing and supporting remote mailing plants by email instead of using couriers or overnight services
  • Reduce training and implementation costs with great ease-of-use

Improves control and provides valuable decisions support information

  • Maintain years of mailing data in comprehensive statement database for easy reference
  • Support mailing, budgetary and other operational decision-making with superior postage reporting
  • Keep on top of permit balances with permit balance tracking
  • Manage postage funds (permits, stamps, and meters) with optional Postage Accounting module
*AWAM is an additional module

DAT-MAIL Toolbox

DAT-MAIL Toolbox offers these additions to the DAT-MAIL benefits detailed above:

Improves accuracy

Palletization module assures each pallet is documented so that you can print barcoded placards and skid sheets for every pallet. Scan these pallets to create statements and 8125's. With our new Trailer Assignment capability, you can also scan pallets when they are loaded on a trailer to create bills of lading and create an audit trail for every pallet produced!

Saves time and improves efficiency

The Work Ticket program can create mailing work tickets for each drop without lots of data entry, even when your own business or production management system can not. With the Palletization program, the statements you generate will have the correct pallet counts so you won't have to edit the statements to correct the container information. The Planalyzer will tell you on what date every drop must be shipped to meet in-home delivery dates, taking transportation schedules and USPS® processing hours into consideration. This saves time and eliminates guesswork.

Saves money on freight

Planalyzer can reduce transportation costs and provides high return on investment: Just because your presort program told you that you can drop ship to an entry point does not mean you should if you are looking to save money. When you take freight costs into consideration, it may not pay to do a drop shipment. DAT-MAIL's Planalyzer will show you the least expensive way to do a mailing considering presort qualification, possible postage savings and freight costs. With the palletization module making sure that every pallet is documented, you can also run reports that will identify drop ship savings opportunities for a given ship date that could help you overcome economic minimums. Helps you shop for the best transportation providers. You can load in freight tables from multiple carriers and analyze your jobs to see who can provide the best price and service.

Copal program for deeper drop ship discounts

Are you still paying Origin-based postal rates on your drop ship mailings?
If so, we can help you reduce operational costs by getting greater USPS postage discounts! CoPal is a copalletization program for processing USPS Marketing Mail® (formerly Standard Mail) Letter mail that will allow you to profit from bigger Drop Ship discount for entries to USPS Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs), Area Distribution Centers (ADC’s), National Distribution Centers (NDC’s), and Destination Delivery Units (DDU’s).

The Copal program supports both internal copal processing as well as third-party copal.

Improves control

The ability to print barcoded placards and skid sheets for every pallet and scan them when the pallet is produced and loaded for shipment adds a degree of control that few mailers have with ‘finished mail'.