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Logistics/Distribution Optimization

Find out how Window Book can automate and
integrate your logistics tasks into your mailing software!


Expanding DAT-MAIL’s reach to your shop floor… Introducing wbSCAN™! wbSCAN is a new browser-based application that gets installed on your DATMAIL server (static IP address required). It’s a light-weight webserver that interacts with your DAT-MAIL data in real time and allows you to:

  • Manage finished pallet inventory;
  • Track jobs through the production process;
  • Manage the loading of trailers;
  • Perform QA functions to avoid assessments; and
  • Automate more DAT-MAIL functions like postage payment and piece weight adjustment.

But the best thing? wbSCAN supports a variety of popular handheld, table, and desktop devices making it easy for people to use right on their shop floor!

Interface to multiple logistics carriers/providers makes creating orders and trailer manifests faster, easier and more accurate

DAT-MAIL users can now connect to multiple logistics providers right from inside DAT-MAIL.

wbSCAN is a browser based real-time scanning capability uses hand-held, tablet or desktop devices that helps DAT-MAIL users:

  • Activate Pallets – Users can records pallets being produced and assigns them to a staging area or rack location.
  • Move Pallets – Users can move pallets from one location to another or record where the mail is in the production process
  • Create Pallet Manifests – create trailer manifests as pallets are loaded onto a trailer. wbSCAN shows a running total of pallet count and gross weight loaded.
  • Verify Pallet Manifests – Confirm that every pallet being loading belongs on the trailer and warns the user when it doesn't.

DAT-MAIL Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) Module

DAT-MAIL users can now easily manage Priority Mail Open and Distribute drop shipping! Right along with our other multi-carrier logistics connectivity for drop shipping, now you can also easily use the USPS Priority Mail Open and Distribute services for drop shipping.

  • Easily select entry points for PMOD shipping right in DAT-MAIL
  • Obtain instant calculation of PMOD prices and net savings
  • Pay for the PMOD portion of the postage quickly and easily using e-Postage
  • Quickly generate PMOD labels and tags, right from DAT-MAIL
  • Generate production and USPS verification reports including USPS scan reports

Why use PMOD for drop shipping?

  • Smaller drop ship volumes that do not lend themselves to full truckloads.
  • Consolidator handles your drop ship volume but some mailings are too time sensitive to go through the usual consolidation process.
  • Your production processes are running behind schedule—make up time in shipping.
  • Time sensitive mailings that need more expedited handling than usual.
  • Delivery trouble spots that consistently take longer for delivery than other areas.

Connecting to Truck Direct Mail®

DAT-MAIL users can now request quotes for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) drop shipments right from DAT-MAIL! Using the interface, users can submit quote requests to TDM and almost instantly receive pricing for drop shipments. Users will enjoy the flexibility of submitting all drop ship entry points for quotes, or just the entry points that may need the expedited delivery speed that LTL offers. Even better, users can pool multiple versions of jobs, or even pool multiple jobs together to submit these quote requests. There is no functionality like this in the mailing industry – just a few clicks and you have your quotes!

Summing it up

These are ground-breaking solutions for mailers wanting to optimize their mail distribution. No one else in the mailing industry offers solutions like this. And the best is yet to come -stay tuned for frequent updates!

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