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PostalWeb Connector™

Formerly known as MailDrop™ Engine.

Faster Submissions to PostalOne!®

PostalWeb Connector includes complete USPS® MDR Client™ (MDR Client) hosting which allows for much faster submissions to PostalOne!. In addition, clients will enjoy being able to process/upload multiple Mail.dat® files simultaneously, and for one or multiple MDR Client sites – PROD, PREPROD, CAT and TEM. PostalWeb Connector also features improved performance when launching and running the application.

Additional benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Being able to process/upload multiple Mail.dat files simultaneously, and for one or multiple MDR Client sites – PROD, PREPROD, CAT and TEM
  • No manual installation of the MDR Client is necessary. PostalWeb Connector installs the MDR Client automatically during the creation of an MDR Client site (i.e. PROD, TEM, CAT, and PREPROD), and by the click of a button should re-installation ever be necessary
  • No need to manually adjust the memory allocation for the MDR Client. This is done automatically by PostalWeb Connector
  • Being able to edit the ‘mdrsettings.conf’ without having to launch/access the MDR Client application

Highly Customizable Notifications

PostalWeb Connector allows you to edit and configure your notifications easily. You can select how often you want to receive them and the email notifications can contain a summary report about the last added or updated submission. You can also customize these alerts based on the different statuses that you can choose from. In PostalWeb Connector, they are called “events”. These events can include: Client Validation, Job Acceptance, Job Deleted, Server Validation, as well as Postage Statements that are either generated, cancelled, or finalized. You can even perform these settings under the category groups of: Passed, Failed, or as Logged events.

Easy Setup and Installation

PostalWeb Connector is very easy to install and configure.

Flexibility for Power Users

PostalWeb Connector also includes a variety of options to play around with, in order to specifically meet your organization needs. With dynamic memory, allocation is based on the Mail.dat size and the amount of memory in your system. This will automatically write the amount of batch files and only use the amount of memory needed. For example, if you upload a 5-million piece job, the smaller piece jobs will continue to upload. PostalWeb Connector features an Engine Log and the ability to access the file archives. Debug logs are also available, which are very helpful for our Tech Support team to help resolve any issues.


PostalWeb Connector includes great options to send different reports. Based on your selected options, PostalWeb Connector can display only the statuses that you want. In addition, a full summary report for your MDR environments can be generated to display clear information to the user.

Database Cleanup

In PostalWeb Connector users have the ability to perform database cleanups. With SQL tables, you can clean up one at a time, or with a specific date range that you can customize to your liking. Users can also effectively manage disk space and performance through file cleaning capabilities right from within PostalWeb Connector. We provide different options to allow the cleaning process to be quick and efficient, so your database can run smoothly and work without any hiccups during your mailing jobs.

PDF and XML Statements

PostalWeb Connector is tightly integrated with PostalWeb®, which completes the PostalOne! automation circle by providing easy downloading of finalized PostalOne! postage statements directly to your servers, with options for PDF statements or XML statements generated for the user.

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