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PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard™

Part of the PostalWeb® end-to-end PostalOne!® automation solution!

Powered by PostalWeb Connector™

  • New, modern user interface to monitor PostalOne! job submission statuses
  • Color coded to instantly know where your jobs are in the process
  • Easy to understand translations of cryptic PostalOne! error logs
  • Quickly identify and fix PostalOne! validation errors, even if you are not a Mail.dat® expert!
  • Easily re-submit files that have been corrected
  • Automatically notify staff of MDR upload errors or successes via email/text messages

If you are using the PostalOne! system to upload your Mail.dat files PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard will automate the monitoring of your PostalOne! upload and receipt files – and will make your job easier by efficiently processing your PostalOne! transmissions.

  • No need to constantly log on to the PostalOne! system to view your eDoc jobs
  • Free to focus on other tasks while it performs all the monitoring for you
  • Eliminates the labor-intensive work involved with using the USPS® MDR Client software
  • Easily view what files are going up to PostalOne! and what receipts are coming back
  • Track validation and acceptance of your jobs from multiple work stations
  • Get feedback from PostalOne! in a clear, concise and automated manner via email/text messages
  • Easily Fix PostalOne! Submission Errors (No Knowledge of Mail.dat files or USPS Error Log required)
  • Monitors the log files and organizes them by job for you!



PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard Features

  • Built on state-of-the-art .Net technology
  • Works with Mail.dat files generated by any presort software, MLOCR or post-presort program
  • Interfaces with the PostalOne! MDR Client batch mode system
  • Configurable to monitor USPS PROD, PREPROD, TEM or CAT environments
  • Configurable to start the PostalOne! Mail.dat Client upon start-up
  • Automatically Alerts the staff via Email/Text when PostalOne! rejects a Mail.dat file
  • QuickFix™ PostalOne! Submission Errors in Real-Time
  • Monitors log files and organizes them by Job
  • Detects when the PostalOne! Mail.dat® Client shuts down and restarts it
  • Connects to Business Customer Gateway
  • Secure environment

Easily view jobs, validation logs, debug logs and status receipts



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