YourScore™ effortlessly monitors the health of your Mailer Scorecard.

YourScore™ is a unique service, designed and delivered exclusively by Window Book for the Mailing community.

  • Set it and forget it! No need for reminders to check on your Mailer Scorecard
  • Automatically emails your scorecard daily, as soon as the USPS updates it
  • Eliminates the painstaking process of logging into the USPS’® Business Customer Gateway (BCG) to review your Mailer Scorecard
  • User-friendly notes highlight any areas of concern on your Scorecard

How do your mailings measure against USPS thresholds?

In speaking with mailers throughout the industry, we learned that many do not check their Mailer Scorecard often because it’s cumbersome. Additionally, it is not easy to read or find potential issues.

  • Let YourScore™ do the tedious work for you, so you can concentrate on the results
  • Scorecard data is attached in an easy to view spreadsheet
  • A brief "traffic light" analysis provides a quick visual reference so you will know instantly if your scorecard is OK, in jeopardy or needs your immediate attention
  • Optional services include cumulative daily reports and flexible exception reporting

Avoid penalties and improve your mailing processes.

The cost of being surprised by a failing Mailer Scorecard (exceeding USPS® established thresholds), can significantly affect your bottom line. YourScore™ transforms data into a gold mine of information to help you save you time, money, and improve your service.

  • Reduce or avoid penalties altogether by having YourScore™ provide your Scorecard results regularly
  • Be proactive and correct issues BEFORE they become expensive fees

Let Window Book do the work for you.

Having to remember to frequently log in to the Business Customer Gateway to check your mailer scorecard is a high-risk proposition. Fortunately, YourScore for MSP’s provides a daily email with your Mailer Scorecard data! There is no need to remember!

Window Book’s experts can help:

Take advantage of our experienced Professional Services Team to assist in troubleshooting the root causes of any areas at risk of exceeding the established USPS thresholds.

For sales inquiries or requesting a quote, email or call 800-524-0380. We also offer demos of our products.

YourScore™ YourScore™

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Monitor and Manage your Mailer Scorecard

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