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Mailing Optimization Analysis

Since we began giving this complimentary Mailing Optimization Analysis, we've shown mailers how to stop million of dollars in hidden profit leaks. For example: overspending in postage, identifying unproductive activities and reducing frustration with USPS compliance issues. Hundreds of mailers take us up on this great opportunity. We've been able to help all of them improve portions of their business. Most of them didn't realize how much money they were throwing away. Join us and take that next step NOW.

Sign up for a free Mailing Optimization Analysis service and see exactly how you can get your job done in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Go ahead and step up and tell your boss you want to see how Window Book can save you between $10,000 and $1,000,000 per year. Be the hero! And, if you’re the boss, grab hold of the helm and steer your ship back towards greater profits.

At your Mailing Optimization Analysis you will Learn:

  • How much money you have been wasting and practical ways you can stop it
  • How to get more productivity out of what you are already doing
  • Eliminate mind numbing drudge work and get more freedom
  • What the USPS® will be requiring in the near future in order to retain the best postage rates
  • Upcoming postage saving incentives and promotions
  • Consequences you may face for not adopting the latest USPS changes

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