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Software Training

Software Training

On-line training and product demonstrations

Effective use of your postal shipping and mailing software can make the crucial difference in your organization: higher productivity, increased profitability, lower costs and happier staff! We deliver top-quality training, providing flexibility, professionalism and many years experience in the shipping and mailing industry. By investing in online training, you allow your staff to learn essential skills quickly and easily, rather than through hours of trial and error. Paid online training classes may be tailored to a specific audience, whether it be for prospective, current users or power users. Online software training classes are scheduled by appointment and can be done on a flexible basis during the week.

Product Training

DAT-MAIL™ Essentials

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Set Ups, Views, Reports, Entry Planning, Statement Generation, Printing. Learn how to import MAIL.dat files in different ways, how to adjust your MAIL.dat® files to reflect the way the mail is actually being shipped, how to create postage statements and 8125's, print tray and sack tags, print pallet placards and production reports.

DAT-MAIL™ Advanced

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Power Users, get the most out of DAT-MAIL! Learn how to archive and retrieve Mail.dat files, how to use the Advanced Automation Workflow Manager™ (AWAM™), ins and outs of automatic statement generation and PostalOne!® submissions, submitting partial mailings, processing spoilage, processing drop shipments for eInduction, and many automation shortcuts.

DAT-MAIL™ Palletization and Freight Planner

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Merging, Palletization; Co-Palletization; Freight Planning. Learn how to use the palletization program to palletize sacks and trays or even to copalletize sacks and trays from multiple MAIL.dat files! Learn how to use DAT-MAIL's Freight Planner to optimize your entry plan. Includes how to incorporate LTL quotes and PMOD drop shipping options. You will find out how to create cost effective load plans and use them to the best advantage.

Enterprise Shipper™ Setup & Training

Duration: Up to 3 hours

Program installation/configuration, data import/export template setup, payment funding, carrier selection, package shipments, package tracking, analysis reports, data back-up/archiving, support resources. This course helps new users to get up and running with Enterprise Shipper. Also covers daily and monthly procedures, common troubleshooting and how to access support for your program.

Using Enterprise Shipper™

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Review the best practices for optimizing your use of Enterprise Shipper or learn how to use additional functionality. Choose an area for review: how to enter and import parcel data, correct mistakes, data import/export, carrier selection, package tracking, analysis reports, data back-up/archiving, common troubleshooting and how to access support for your program. Ideal for existing users who need a review or who would like to improve their processes and for new hires who need training on an existing system.

FREE Product Demos

Any of our helpful Client Services Directors will be happy to demonstrate product functions and capabilities online. Contact Us to request a FREE Product Custom Demonstration. Here is a sample of what we offer, just let us know if you wish to review a product that is not listed and we will accommodate your needs.

Window Book Product Review

Duration: 30 minutes

Review of Window Book Postal Solutions Learn about Window Book and all of the shipping and mailing software products DAT-MAIL™, DAT-MAIL Prep™, Enterprise Shipper™, PostalWeb®, PostalWeb Connector™, PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard™, DAT-PreCheck™, YourScore™, TrueAddress™ and more. You will get an overview of our company, and a sneak preview at what we are planning for the future.

Introduction to DAT-MAIL™

Duration: 30 minutes

Overview of features of DAT-MAIL. Unleash the power of Mail.dat® files! See what DAT-MAIL can do to make your mailing system run more effectively and much more efficiently. For new clients who want to learn more about DAT-MAIL and its' potential uses before giving it a try.

Introduction to PostalWeb®

Duration: 30 minutes

Overview of features of PostalWeb®. Learn how to streamline your mailing process and reduce your costs.

Introduction to PostalWeb Connector™ & PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard™

Duration: 30 minutes

Overview of features of PostalWeb Connector & PostalWeb Desktop Dashboard™. Learn how you can streamline and manage your PostalOne! submissions process.

Introduction to Enterprise Shipper™

Duration: 30 minutes

Overview of features of Enterprise Shipper. Learn how you can you can save thousands of dollars on your package shipping costs each year!