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Enterprise Shipper is Window Book’s easy to use and economic package shipping system. It combines the best of traditional client/server and web-based architecture.

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NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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T20963:  The ability to read the weight from a scale in Weight Total Line 1 has been provided.


T20987:  The ability to edit entered Default Values has been added on the Import Template; when you double-click on the field a form for editing now opens and the existing value can then be edited.


T21010:  More detailed logging on exceptions that may occur during data template loading and during data import has been provided.


T21020:  We renamed ‘Validate’ during import settings to ‘Address Validation’ and the setting can be used for ODBC imports.


T21035:  On the import, when ‘Print label’ was selected, the request for the filename and where to save the pdf file was appearing repeatedly (when the application printer was set up as ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’).  An improvement was made so that the error message only appears once.


T21055:  Address validation was rejecting certain unusual addresses which are actually valid. Validation has been upgraded for these kinds of addresses to allow labels to be purchased for them.


T21062:  Some updates were made to the process for registering an International Bridge test account as a production account.


T21068:  A change was made to allow the use of an Excel file as an ODBC data source.


T21177:  Updates were made to address an issue that could occur after placing a package on “hold” using the IB interface.    Ticket 95478


T21234:  We added user interface options necessary for registering new Pitney Bowes accounts.


T21233:  We added the ability to save labels to disk in original format or as a PDF with the user creating the filename using a set of preferred options.


T21361:  The ability to use decimal point values has been added for weights when using the customs form.


T21362:  An enhancement request was made by a client:  They create multiple manifests throughout the day and wanted to see the manifest ID displayed on the Daily Shipping Report along with totals at the end of the report.   This enhancement has been made.  Ticket 96177


T21365:  A client request was made to display the "Package ID" field on the Packages Screen (grid) and also have the option to tag multiple records using the Package ID.  This has been done.   Ticket  96232


T21373:  On the import template empty columns have been added when necessary to allow for imports from different data sources.


T21366:  Changes were made to allow the Package ID to be printed on the label as well as allowing it to be printed on the Daily Shipping Report (the starting/ending range).   Ticket 96233


T21422:  A new feature in Enterprise Shipper saves the user ID associated with each package purchase. This information has been added to the logfiles in case of errors. The ability to run reports that tell the Administrator which user created a package has also been added.   Ticket 96437


T21440:  We removed an error message from the EnterpriseShipper.log file which was not an actual error.


T21364:  An enhancement request was reported by technical support.  Clients using International Bridge do not always know what the final weight or ship date will be for some records so an enhancement would be to give them a way to change these values in bulk.  We added a new Group Change feature for changing date, weight and recalculating the price for groups of packages.  Ticket 96181


T21458:  A client made an enhancement request for the ability to add a "Note" that is printable on the label.   This feature has been added.  Ticket 96577


T21491:  A performance issue was found when processing very high volume (43,000 packages shipped in a day). When clicking on ‘Reports’, the program showed ‘Not Responding’ in Task Manager and used a lot of memory and CPU and the report never fully completed. Changes have been made to separate and speed up the report process.


T21255:  UPS for Pitney Bowes is now supported.


T21064:  Changes in the scale interface were made to allow the scale weight to be read properly after an Underweight error occurs.


Bug Fixes:


B20954:  A correction was made to ensure that Invoice and insured numbers can be imported for international addresses.


B20984:  A correction was made so that the import template will save a template that contains a single quote character (’).


B20986:  We added rounding of values in the custom form: the weight is rounded to three numbers after the decimal point and value is rounded to two numbers after the decimal point.


B21016:  Using ‘search’ in the reference bar with ODBC import without Provider data present was causing an error to occur.  This has been fixed.


B21030:  A correction was made to prevent truncation of the address validation message when a second or third line is added.


B21122:  The "Process and clone" process buttons are now enabled after price calculation.


B21126:  A problem where clicking the ‘Refresh’ button on the Provider Account List would change the status of an existing account has been fixed.


B20882:  A client reported an issue:  After granting permission to the database tables needed for the ODBC connection the tables were still not visible.  This was investigated and has been fixed.   Ticket 87720 


B21352:  An error that occurred during internal testing when trying to use the import wizard has been fixed.


B21302:  A problem where the Pitney Bowes Sub Account list was not being updated on refresh has been corrected.


B21413: When using the Import Wizard, the ‘Prompt Values’ screen was allowing ‘Hold’ to be selected even when ‘Purchase Labels’ was not selected. If a user made this selection when "Auto Price Calculation" was selected and then chose ‘Hold’ when the ‘Prompt Values’ screen appeared, then when they tried to ‘Release Hold’ it would fail because the packages did not yet have a Tracking Number.   This has been corrected.


B21510:  In prior releases it was possible to create pickups for EasyPost, but recently there was a change. When attempting to create two pickups, both failed. This has been fixed. The error messaging when attempting to create a pickup for a category that doesn’t allow it has been improved.


B21514:  A problem was reported and was replicated in testing. The First and Last Name fields were not printing on EasyPost labels, even when specified.  This has been fixed.