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Enterprise Shipper is Window Book’s easy to use and economic package shipping system. It combines the best of traditional client/server and web-based architecture.

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NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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T19792, T19719, T19978, T19797, T19871, T19927, T19921, T19923, T19893, T19963, T19664 T19965, T19894, T20000, T20070, T20079, T20151:   Work was done in support of implementing a Pitney Bowes Provider Account.


T19613:  A change was made to provide information on how many days are left in the subscription.


T19620:  An Invoice Number field has been added to the Packages List grid.


T19602:  A change was made to the ‘Dimensions and Weight’ entry in ‘Create Package’ to disallow negative values.


T19535:  An enhancement request was made by a client for a new option in the ship date filtered values: "today's date" so that users can run the daily export without having to change the date in their export template.  A request to append the current date to the end of the output filename was also made.  These changes have been implemented.

Ticket 73234


T19673:  The Carrier Account table was updated to allow for the addition of a new carrier.


T17124:  The message that appears when the package dimensions are invalid for a specific carrier has been improved and  the ‘Alternative Services’ label will not appear when the Alternative Services list is empty. 


T18716:  The program version number has been added to the right bottom corner of the main screen.


T19101:  In the ‘Box Lookup’ settings and the ‘Create Package Dimensions’ section we standardized the order of dimensions (length, width and height)


T19748:  A feature was added to allow merchants to schedule package pickups from commercial and residential locations and to cancel scheduled pickups if necessary.


T19833:  A ‘Shipper ID’ field was added to the Carrier Account table in the database.


T19938:  A Package Location field in the Pickup table is now supported.


T19845:  As per a client request the ‘Daily Shipping’ report has been updated to include both First and Last Names on the report.  Ticket 91151


T19704:  The ‘Help’ button at the bottom of the left menu was overlapped by the bottom panel so that resizing the main window and scrollbar to the default dimensions when the screen was small did not allow the ‘Help’ button to be seen.  This has been fixed.



Bug Fixes:


B19662:  A change was made so that the ‘Delete’ button is disabled when the address list is empty. 


B19606:  When the ‘Address’ list is empty, it is impossible to switch to another menu tab, because a return address is required.  A message has been added to this effect - "A default Return Address must be entered".


B19608:  Validation messages were not displayed when the “non-USA address” checkbox was checked. This has been corrected.


B19599:  If the Address book was empty the program would display an error when trying to create a new address – this has been fixed.


B19800:  A client reported an issue: They added a True Address account and received the confirmation email that the account was good but got an error when trying to enter the validation information.  This was investigated and has been fixed.   Ticket 91633


B20052:  An issue was reported by a client:  When creating a new package manually and validating the address, Line 2 (Company Name) was being added to the Delivery Address on the ‘Create Package’ Screen (only).  The printouts of the labels and reports were all correct, the problem only appeared visually on the screen.  This was confirmed and has been fixed. Ticket 92412


B19789:   When the scale was in continuous read mode, and there was a bought package with a label, weighing was still happening when opening the package record to see the information and the weight could change. Although it would not affect shipping, the weight could be saved incorrectly in the database.   This has been fixed.


B20126:  A client reported the following: Using the Data Exchange => Import wizard they created a template that included the reference field, mapped it correctly and added it in the ‘General Options’ menu. However, when selecting the ‘Import => Save, Purchase and Print’ option the reference field information did not print on the labels.  The information DID print, however after selecting Import => Save only (validate and price calculation options only), then going to the ‘Packages’ screen to purchase and print the labels.  This issue was investigated and has been fixed.   Ticket 92584