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Enterprise Shipper is Window Book’s easy to use and economic package shipping system. It combines the best of traditional client/server and web-based architecture.

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NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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    T18627:  The TrueAddress window was changed so that the original “Invalid Address” information is suppressed while the message is being edited/corrected.


    T18674:  After adding two more options ('What's New'; and 'User Guide') to the 'Get Support' feature a change was made so that the ‘Open a Ticket’ window does not launch automatically when 'Get Support' is clicked.


    T18696:  The verbiage in the Help => Utility => DB Cleanup => Address cleanup screen was updated to be more consistent.


    T18709:  The state field was expanded to allow the place holder text to display clearly.


    T18710:  The logic for TrueAddress validation was updated to require that the TrueAddress credentials themselves are validated before an address validated this way can be saved.


    T17483:  DHL Boxes and Service levels have been added to the choices when DHL is selected as a carrier.


    T18728:  A ‘Parcel’ option has been added for some DHL Service levels.


    T18714:  The user interface has been modified to use the terms “Provider” and “Carrier” consistently throughout.


    T18731:   We expanded the State\Province field to 256 characters to accommodate international addresses and adjusted the ‘State or Province’ and ‘Postal Code’ field positions.


    T18740:  The 'Tracking Notification Options' setting was renamed  'Tracking Notifications Contact Information' and moved to the 'PostalWeb Tracking and Notification' section.


    T18742:  Newly added addresses are now displayed at the top of the list in the first position of the Address book.  The Address book is sorted by last date modified in descending order.


    T18744:  In the Settings=> Optional Settings => ‘Box Lookup’ window the list that displays existing Boxes was labeled "Accounts".  This has been changed to "Box List" for accuracy.


    T18719:  The ability to use Rate Shopping during an import was added.


    T18749:   A new look for the Box Lookup screen has been implemented.


    T18763:  Whether an account is a Production or Test account is now visible to the user in the Provider Account Settings.


    T18764:   A change was made so that tracking for Test accounts is skipped.


    T18772:  A way to reread the sub-account list in ‘Settings’ for Provider Accounts has been added.


    T18773:  When International Bridge held packages are released, the shipping date is now being updated.


    T18781: A change was made so that shipping date is not printed on the label for packages that are on hold.


    T18786:  We changed the Security Protocol to TLS 1.2 only for IB and Enterprise Shipper.


    T18785:  The warning statements that display on the ‘Printer Settings’ screen have been updated.


    T18800:  We implemented a Test/Debug vs. Production mode in the application to allow better access to the right mode depending on user requirements.  (Test mode mainly for initial training and setup, Production mode primarily for standard production).


    T18839:  DHL import functionality has been added.


    T18843:  The text of the Templates / Import Template change alert has been improved for clarity.


    T18591:  Options have been added to allow the user to create International Bridge and Easy Post Test accounts, prevent tracking of test account data through PostalWeb, and allow Test accounts to be hidden after use.


    T18843:  We improved the error messaging that occurs when the user tries to import an Export Template with the ‘Import Template’ tab selected.


    T18866:  A way to use the Provider Data dropdown list for displaying more than one Carrier, Service Level and Shape field has been added when the user has subaccounts in Easy Post.


    T18934:  The ‘Customs Information’ group box positioning has been improved.


    T18774:  On the Prompt screen for Shipping Date for International Bridge an option has been added to allow packages to be put on Hold. 


    T18835:  When selecting the appropriate Service/Price for a package if the Address was validated by TrueAddress; when the USPS score is 4, the USPS options are removed from the list. If the Non-USPS score is 4, all Other carrier options are removed from the list.


    T19020, T19079, T19080:  A system for creating and printing DHL labels was implemented.


    T19056:  We turned off auto-calculation of field layouts for fixed-format files on import. The user is required to define the field layouts for these files.




    Bug Reports:

    B18297:  The ‘Add to Address Book’ checkbox was moved and renamed.


    B18778:  On ‘Create new package’ selecting an international address then switching to a US address was causing the state field to be duplicated.  This has been fixed.


    B18755:  A crash that could occur when navigating away from the Box Lookup function under ‘Settings’ and navigating back to it multiple times has been fixed.


    B18789:  We removed the TrueAddress Deliverability score threshold of 5 which is no longer valid.

    B18821:  A correction was made so that the ‘close’ button is located inside the window for the Templates and Automated Import Settings windows.


    B18822:  A critical error could occur during address creation, caused by being able to switch (while in edit mode) from a new address to an existing address.  This has been fixed.


    B18829:  A correction was made to the Sub Accounts group box format.


    B18904:  We made a correction to the Provider Account settings name for consistency.


    B18955:  The Import template ‘Update’ function now saves changes correctly.


    B18684:  The text description for PostalWeb provisioning was cut off due to a new screen design.  This has been fixed.


    B18985:  When ‘Shipping Date’ was selected as the prompt value, the ‘Import’ button was not activating. This has been fixed.


    B19040:  We fixed an error that was occurring when trying to use a saved Import template.