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Window Book Automation Scheduler Software Update

This page contains the link to the latest release of the Window Book Automation Scheduler

Scheduler Includes:

DropShip Data and DropShip Data on-Demand - Used by DAT-MAIL for updating the daily DropShip data, including NDC, SCF, DDU data produced by the US Postal Service®.

Labeling List Data and Labeling List on-Demand - Used by DAT-MAIL, and Tag Master for updating the Labeling List data, as published on the Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) service of the US Postal Service.

Process Manager Plug-in - For Postal Package Partner™ this can be used for FTP or HTTP Tracking. In Postal Package Partner™ it can be used to control the Import Agent.

IM Scan Manager Plug-in - This plug-in is used for post processing of Intelligent Mail® pieces and containers that have previously been imported into the Window Book database. Post processing includes, but is not limited to, removing spoils/pulls and the processing of sibling records.

AWAM Rules Engine Plug-in - This plug-in is used by the AWAM File Manager to detect new Mail.dat files based on configurable parameters so that automatic staging can occur. When the plug-in identifies a new Mail.dat file, the file is run through a series of "Rules" defined by the user to determine whether the file should be imported into DAT-MAIL, and if it should, then it also determines which AWAM Import Profile should be applied to it during the import process.

System Requirements

NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

Download Scheduler (64-bit)
Release Notes

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This is a Mandatory Release for compliance with the Rate changes going into effect July 9, 2023


Known Issues:




T25467:  The Automation Scheduler installer has been updated. A new screen with the requirements for the service User ID and Password has been added, which includes a notice in red to current users that there is a change to the installation logic. The requirement for this information is still in place, but it will only be necessary on the first installation. The installer will no longer require re-entry of the User ID and Password every time there is an update of an existing program.


T25539:  The program has been updated to recognize the latest Mail.dat version 23-1 errata.


T25538:  The program has been updated to recognize the latest Mail.dat version 22-1 errata.


T25495:  Updates were made to the toolset that controls the user interface.


T25540:  Spec revisions have been updated for the HDR-1192 column



Bug Fixes:


B20333:  The Scheduler Status Log was not showing a warning for Duplicate Segments as does DAT-MAIL Prep.  Warning level log messages have been added to the Status Log file.


B25534:  While using the wizard to set up a new configuration for the IM Scan Manager Plugin the program would crash due to empty configuration values. This has been corrected.


    Visit the Scheduler User Guides page for information on any Enhancements