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Window Book Automation Scheduler Software Update

This page contains the link to the latest release of the Window Book Automation Scheduler

Scheduler Includes:

DropShip Data and DropShip Data on-Demand - Used by DAT-MAIL for updating the daily DropShip data, including NDC, SCF, DDU data produced by the US Postal Service®.

Labeling List Data and Labeling List on-Demand - Used by DAT-MAIL, and Tag Master for updating the Labeling List data, as published on the Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) service of the US Postal Service.

Process Manager Plug-in - For Postal Package Partner™ this can be used for FTP or HTTP Tracking. In Postal Package Partner™ it can be used to control the Import Agent.

IM Scan Manager Plug-in - This plug-in is used for post processing of Intelligent Mail® pieces and containers that have previously been imported into the Window Book database. Post processing includes, but is not limited to, removing spoils/pulls and the processing of sibling records.

AWAM Rules Engine Plug-in - This plug-in is used by the AWAM File Manager to detect new Mail.dat files based on configurable parameters so that automatic staging can occur. When the plug-in identifies a new Mail.dat file, the file is run through a series of "Rules" defined by the user to determine whether the file should be imported into DAT-MAIL, and if it should, then it also determines which AWAM Import Profile should be applied to it during the import process.

System Requirements

NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

Download Scheduler (64-bit)
Release Notes

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For more detailed information about the enhancements provided with this release check out What's New


Important Messages:




Known issues:







T20793:  A PDF text search capability has been added to the statement viewer.


T20818:  The e-mail notification subject line has been expanded to a 60-character limit (from a prior value of 40 characters). This effects all Scheduler email notifications.



Bug Fixes:


B20499:  While testing a file with different Segments for child containers using the splitter a program error occurred. The log files should have contained a message that the split could not be performed when pallets contain multiple Segments or multiple MPU's.  CSM trays can also have multiple MPU's associated to a tray which prevents a "by MPU" split. The Splitter plug-in has been updated to handle these situations correctly by displaying an error message.


B20505:  When the PQT Package ID field was empty, the Splitter validation was not reporting an error - since this is a requirement for PQT it should have.  This has been fixed so that an error message is now displayed.



Visit the Scheduler User Guides page for information on any Enhancements