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DAT-MAIL™ Modules

  • Lets you determine best entry plan based on lowest net cost based on freight costs and postage savings
  • Use tables from multiple logistics companies to shop for the best deal or to support the needs of clients who have directly contracted with these companies.
  • Easy to setup and use. You can Import freight tables supplied to you by your logistics vendor (CSV, TSV, XLS, XML)
  • Updates Mail.dat® files so results can impact your production and documentation
  • Produces drop ship analysis report and exports results to a CSV file
  • Multi-job freight planning allows you to combine all mail to be shipped on a particular date to get the very best rates and drop ship penetration possible.
    • Avoids minimum charges and weights on small jobs.
    • See it in action in the video
  • Co-Pal Marking – supports most tray based copalletization programs offered by major consolidators (Fairrington, RR Donnelley Logistics, ALG, Choice Direct Logistics, etc.) for mailers with Detached Mail Units (DMU's).
    • Allows small numbers of trays to get best entry point discount and most reliable delivery without having to create legal SCF pallets or pay big minimum charges.
    • Determines entry points of trays that will be copalletized without taking them off of the original pallets they were associated with during the presort for easier production.
    • Pallets with copal trays are relabeled as “COPAL ONLY” making it easy to separate copal mail from non-copal mail for verification and shipment.
    • Updates Mail.dat® file so PostalOne! creates separate statements for copal and non-copal mail
    • Can be used on “hybrid” jobs containing both drop shipped, copal and origin mail.
    • Also supports “in-house” internal tray copalletization
Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD)

DAT-MAIL Editor™; DAT-MAIL Toolbox™

    Easily select entry points for PMOD shipping right in DAT-MAIL
    Obtain instant calculation of PMOD prices and net savings
    Pay for the PMOD portion of the postage quickly and easily using e-Postage
    Quickly generate PMOD labels and tags, right from DAT-MAIL
    Generate production and USPS verification reports including USPS scan reports
Postal Accounting

DAT-MAIL Editor™; DAT-MAIL Toolbox™ (Companion to Meter and Stamp Manager™)

  • Utilize the postage data to manage postage funds
  • Account for all client postage funds
  • Simplify management of all postage funds
  • Be alerted to Permits without adequate funding
  • Put Permits/Clients on credit hold lockdown
  • Provides valuable analysis data and reporting
  • Close a job and transfer overpayment with several options
  • Print postage purchase checks
  • Track accumulated meter and stamp spoilage and USPS reimbursements
  • Keep track of multiple checking accounts
  • Suppress reporting on completed jobs without purging the data

DAT-MAIL Editor (included with DAT-MAIL Toolbox)

  • Create pallet placards and barcoded skid sheets
  • Create and manage "courtesy pallets"
  • Automatically fill in pallet counts on postage statements
  • Supports sack and tray co-palletization for USPS Marketing Mail
Manifest Spoilage

DAT-MAIL Editor; DAT-MAIL Toolbox

  • Track spoilage
  • Remove spoilage from your postage statements
  • Remove spoiled pieces at their actual postage rates
  • Automated import of spoilage files or IM barcode scans of spoiled pieces
Business Management Interfaces

DAT-MAIL Editor; DAT-MAIL Toolbox

  • Mail-Shop™ by Virtual Systems Corporation
  • PrintStream® by Streamline Solutions
  • Pro-Mail®
ODBC Connect

DAT-MAIL Editor; DAT-MAIL Toolbox

  • Bring in external data from other applications
  • Reduce data entry
  • Associate statements with valid job numbers
  • Maintain Job, Client and other files in only one system
  • Enhance your ability to automatically generate statements
Drop Ship It

DAT-MAIL Editor (included with DAT-MAIL Toolbox)

  • Access USPS Drop Ship information in an easy to use format
  • Includes re-directions
  • Detailed delivery requirements including dock information
  • Allows for data to be printed or exported