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DAT-MAIL Prep™ Software Update

New from Window Book -- DAT-MAIL Prep™ is a simple, fast, easy to use tool that helps you quickly configure your Mail.dat® files BEFORE you import them into ANY post-presort software. Now you can control exactly how your Mail.dat® files should be configured via high-speed pre-processing functions. Save time configuring the data within your Mail.dat® editing software.

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NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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T22318:  DAT-MAIL Prep was updated to recognize Mail.dat version 22-1.

T22323 :  Added support for converting Mail.dat version 21-1 and older file sets to Mail.dat version 22-1 file sets.

T22324:  Added support for converting Mail.dat version 22-1 file sets to prior versions.

T21593:  References to ‘IDEAlliance’ on the Main page and the Viewer page have been removed from DAT-MAIL Prep.

T22574:  Validations for the new values and fields in Mail.dat version 22-1 have been added.


Bug Fixes:

B22490 :  During testing it was found that manually adding a record to a CSM file and manually incrementing the HDR CSM Record Count field by 1 to account for it was not picked up by the validation which gave an error that the counts did not match.  This was investigated and has been fixed.

B22591:  After splitting a test mail.dat file with a SEG file using the Origin/Drop Ship’ option, one of resulting files had the SEG file, but the other did not.  This was investigated and has been corrected.