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DAT-MAIL Prep™ Software Update

New from Window Book -- DAT-MAIL Prep™ is a simple, fast, easy to use tool that helps you quickly configure your Mail.dat® files BEFORE you import them into ANY post-presort software. Now you can control exactly how your Mail.dat® files should be configured via high-speed pre-processing functions. Save time configuring the data within your Mail.dat® editing software.

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NOTE: For the most complete and up-to-date requirement information, refer to the "Window Book Product Requirements Guide."

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Release Notes

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NOTE: This is a Mandatory Release for compliance with the Rate changes going into effect October 2nd, 2022.


Known Issues:




T23584:  In Rate Case 2022-2 there were changes to First-Class Mail round-trip DVDs and flats as reported on Part D of PS Form 3600-FCM. This required implementing the mail.dat conversion 19-1 and 21-1 for CQT-1008.  In addition a fix was made for an empty MPU-1123 machinability indicator.

Bug Fixes:

B23577:  We modified the merge function so that now, when the input and output files are the same version, the merge process finds the lowest Revision (HDR-1192) value from the input files and populates the output file's "current" HDR record (the HDR-1192 field) with this  value.

B23708:  A non-fatal error was appearing for customers when entering a registration code for the first time (i.e. for new installs only). This has been fixed.

B23693:  The ability to click buttons while the SQL Connection Manager message box is showing (which was causing an error in the program) has been disabled.