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Intelligent Mail Solutions

Full-Service Option Mailer Benefits

  • Better visibility into the mailstream
  • Ability to track individual pieces, handling units and containers
  • Receive information about mail preparation and address quality
  • Determine when a mailing was inducted to the postal system
  • Address correction services, if requested
  • Mail induction (start-the-clock) information
  • Optional Confirm Service

Intelligent Mail Service Options Requirements

Intelligent Mail<sup>®</sup>
*After May 2011, automation prices will no longer be available for the use of the POSTNET barcode.

DAT-MAIL™ is your Intelligent Mail Solution

  • PostalOne! Mail.dat® electronic documentation options
  • PostalOne! Mail.XML electronic documentation options
  • FAST Web Services with Mail.XML™ drop ship appointment scheduling
  • A backup/transitional paper statement system and database
  • Customizable Intelligent Mail® Container Labels/Placards
  • Pallet Tracking Database
  • Optional Confirm Service support

Postal Package Partner™

  • Supports Intelligent Mail® Package Barcodes (IMpb)
  • Priority Mail
  • Interfaces with USPS GSS for International mailings
  • GSS Certified
  • Performs USPS-certified transmission of Federally mandated electronic customs data
  • Lower Commercial Rates for Priority Mail and Express Mail
  • Real-Time Connection to your Parcel Database
  • Electronic Return Receipt Service
  • Private Parcel Insurance
  • Predetermined Package Weights
  • Package Data Import
  • Return Merchandise Labels
  • Bound Printed Matter

Full-Service On-Ramp Service (FSORS™)

Window Book's Full-Service On-Ramp Service (FSORS) will help you set up Intelligent Mail® Full Service and PostalOne!® eDocs system in your operation.
  • Register online for your PostalOne!® account
  • Acquire your Customer Registration ID (CRID) & Mailer ID (MID)
  • Install your User ID and password
  • Test uploading files using the “Test Environment for Mailers” (TEM)
  • Train you to process Mail.dat® and non-Mail.dat data files for acceptance and verification
  • Companies without Window Book’s DAT-MAIL software solution will get trial copy of DAT-MAIL
  • Companies already with DAT-MAIL will get additional training on transitioning to eDoc for PostalOne!®