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Seamless Acceptance Solution Suite

Struggling with Seamless Acceptance?

Window Book can help!

Seamless Acceptance Solutions Suite
Seamless Acceptance Seamlessly Simple
  • Daily monitoring of Mailer Scorecard data using YourScore™
  • Mail.dat® file validation BEFORE you go into production using DAT-PreCheck™ - catch errors and fix them before PostalOne!® submission
  • PostalOne Customer Data utility in DAT-MAIL™ to prevent By/For errors
  • Labeling List data validation prevents nesting/sortation errors
  • Automated PostalOne! submissions and document retrieval using the PostalWeb Suite – including Quick Fix utility to immediately correct validation errors and resubmit files.
  • Scan piece, tray, sack or pallet barcodes using wbSCAN™ to ensure they track to correct Mail.dat file—prevent undocumented mailpiece errors

Note: some modules are optional add-ons to our Seamless Bundles

What is an Undocumented Mailpiece?

An Undocumented Error is logged when a barcode gathered during sampling (with FS-IMD scanners) or MPE scan could not be linked to any eDoc submitted within the last 45 days. The MID, STID, and Serial Number contained in the IMb are compared to the eDoc to determine if a piece is undocumented. If no match is found, the system continues to attempt to reassociate both sampling scans and MPE scans for 3 days after the scan was received. Undocumented pieces are reported on the Mailer Scorecard after this 3-day re-association has expired.

Here are the Top 7 Reasons that cause Undocumented Mailpieces:


Summing it up

No one else in the mailing industry offers a complete suite of Seamless Acceptance solutions like this. If you are thinking about moving to Seamless Acceptance or are already a participant, our solutions can make it seamlessly simple!

Seamless Acceptance Solutions Suite
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